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  • Dec 05 / 2005
  • Comments Off on How to recognize a small deal that will become a big deal
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How to recognize a small deal that will become a big deal

Excerpt from “Closing Bigger the Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals”

If a small order comes through, determine who is ordering and who is connected to that person. You may find that you have already moved into the exploration stage with a big client.

For example, I used to sell online ads. Often I had companies with ad budgets of $250,000 call me and give a $1,000 order, which lasts less than an hour on a high-traffic website. Literally a flash in the pan, these were the equivalent of a five-second advertisement spot run once on primetime television. Producing measurable results under these circumstances was, to say the least, difficult.

These companies weren’t running around placing 250 orders for $1,000. Rather, they were looking for someone who could prove that they were worthy of winning a million dollars or more in advertising spending. They were testing for uniqueness, ability to execute, quickness of response and creativity. They were saying, “give us a reason to do big business with you.”

We may never get the million-dollar client if we make the $1,000 order a low priority. Treat the little guy and the little order with respect. Take the time to analyze and probe, and seek out spin-off opportunities.

Shane Gibson
Author of Closing Bigger

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