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Sales Podcast – Mentoring and Sales Styles – Blog Entry

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Sales Podcast – Mentoring and Sales Styles – Blog Entry

Shifting your mentorship style as a sales manager will maximize your effectiveness in developing great salespeople and eventually big deal closers.  Each person has unique way of learning and getting motivated. As foundational step understanding the personality styles of the people you manage, lead, and mentor is imperative.

In today’s sales podcast Shane Gibson will address the four major personality styles and how we can more effectively mentor and lead them to the level of rain maker or big deal closer.

Shane Gibson is President of Knowledge Brokers International Systems Ltd. and author of Closing Bigger the Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals and High Impact Mentorship – The Transformational Mentor’s Field Guide. e-mail shane@kbitraining.com or call 604-351-2328.  For more information on in depth mentorship and personality style assessments visit http://www.kbitraining.com/mentorshipguide.html

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