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  • Apr 29 / 2007
  • Comments Off on Sales Podcast and Blog Entry – Sales As An Accountability Tool
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Sales Podcast and Blog Entry – Sales As An Accountability Tool

I speak for the Certified Management Accountants of Canada for three of their annual conferences across Canada this month. This topic is sales as an accountability tool. I have prepared a condensed sales podcast in the topic.

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  • Apr 01 / 2007
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Sales Blog Entry – Shane Gibson in “The Province” Vancouver BC

I thought some of you may find this recent article written about my presentation skills program interesting:

Being nervous not kiss of death
MAKING A PRESENTATION: It’s OK if you have a few butterflies

Carla Wilson, CanWest News Service

Published: Sunday, March 25, 2007

Don’t worry if you’re nervous making a presentation. A few butterflies may actually help you.

“If I’m not nervous at all, I may be too relaxed and too uninspiring. A little bit of an edge and some passion can really pull an audience in,” says Shane Gibson, executive vice-president of Knowledge Brokers, which trains executives and managers on how to make more effective, engaging presentations.

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