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Monthly Archives / July 2008

  • Jul 30 / 2008
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Twitter and Grandcentral.com as Sales Tools Podcast

Another great interview Stephen Jagger on using tools like Twitter and Grandcentral.  As sales people embracing new technologies can enhance our productivity and open up new markets for us.

  • Jul 30 / 2008
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Real Estate Sales Podcast – Stephen Jagger

Today’s sales podcast is an interview with Stephen Jagger President of Reachd and Ubertor.  Today we address how technology like Twitter, Blogging, Video Blogging, and Podcasting can postively impact your career as a Real Estate sales professional.

Here’s today’s Episode:

  • Jul 30 / 2008
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Vancouver Board of Trade – Video Clips

The guys over at Reachd shot some video of Stephen Jagger and I during a panel discussion we participated in at the Vancouver Board of Trade called Big Impact for Your Small Business.  The video is pretty shaky (it was done on someone’s hand held but the content was good). Have a listen.

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  • Jul 26 / 2008
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Blogathon 2008

Blogathon Final Entry #48 The Peak

Here we are.  The top of the mountain.  I have walked across red hot 1200 degree hot coals (with Fred), but that only lasts a few seconds.  This was a serious accomplishment for everyone involved, each entry required a new commitment to move forward.  I cannot remember the last time I attacked a goal like this in my business with such tenacity (talent can be a blessing and a curse).  Okay so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but this was something everyone involved in the blogathon (bloggers and donors) can be really proud of.

Why I mention this, is I wonder how much all of us can achieve if we stretched ourself like this in all aspects of our life continually.  Anyway, I ran out of things to say 5 blog entries ago…


Shane Gibson

  • Jul 26 / 2008
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The Redbull is Wearing Off – Blogathon Entry 47

I must say I started with Blogathon with the intention of eating lots of high energy foods, hydrating massively and stretching every 45 minutes or so to stay limber.  That lasted about 3 hours.  I have now shyed away from Flip Video cam as I definitely look like I stayed up for 24 hours +.  I’m about 31 minutes late in finishing my last post but it still feels great to be rounding the last corner of this Blogathon.

As a sales person and a motivational speaker I like to move around a lot, and it was to my surprise that I was able to sit and focus for that entire 24 hours.  My goal was $2500 but i think it looks like we raised $1700.00 (unofficial number).

And by the way I mean “we,” kind messages and encouragement from my virtual running mates really helped keep me going.  (Thanks Duane Storey, Rebecca BollwittKaren Hamilton, Ayeza Garcia, Isabella Mori, Danny Dang, Mehnaz Thawer, INVOKE, Barbara Doduk, TAGGA, Raul and Colleen Vince. you were all awesome)  Then of course the RedBull ( 2 cans…. no Vodka) came out in full force around 4:30 pm today, I was pretty sure if I closed my eyes for a nap I’d be gone.  Gregory Pinch who introduced me to the MSMF and Yam De La Pena who provided comedic relief played a big part too.

What I liked about this event was that it really proves that there can be a real connection socially (for good) online.  I used my e-mail list, facebook connections, meetup friends, and even did a skype podcast with Fred Shadian today while he was on the island.

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