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Faith Based Selling – Blogathon Entry 16

  • Jul 26 / 2008
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Faith Based Selling – Blogathon Entry 16

In our book Closing Bigger Trevor Greene and defined selling as “Creating an environment where an act of faith can take place.” Faith is based upon trust and trust is based upon credibility with the client. Credibility is about being more than a sales rep, it’s about being a business person that sells. Credibility is also about asking great questions, and having a high level of insight into the client, their company and their industry.

Over the past couple of years I have found that there is another way one could look at our definition.  “Sales is about creating an environment where an act of faith can take place .”  The first enviroment we need to create so an act of faith can take place is within us.

Faith is a belief, and intense belief.  We first must be able to truly visualize ourself succeeding and wholly believe in that picture.  World class athletes from skiers, to ice skaters to rowers at the Olympic level use visualization as a tool for mentally preparing themselves to win.  The difference between Gold and Bronze in giant slalom is usually less than .5 seconds.  With all of these skiers basically around the same weight, level of fitness and level of training it eventually boils down to a mental game.

There are many factors that effect our ability to intensely believe that we can win (some of them we will discuss in future blog entries and podcasts) but here’s the shortlist

Self-Esteem and Self-Worth: A sense of our own value and ability based upon mutliple belief structures

Training: Repeated feedback and on-going progress offers proof of success and mental conditioning

Self-talk: The constant dialogue we have with ourselves, the questions we ask, and we respond mentally to what happens to us impacts this as well.

External Models of Possibility: Mentors, Leaders, and other performers that we can model our strategy after assists us in seeing what is possible.

Association: Once again, who we associate with on a regular basis will impact our standards and our concept of what is possible (Olympians tend to train with Olympians).

So before we put our “out-side world” plan together for success we need to make sure that we have put together a solid internal plan for mental and emotional fortitude.  The bottom-line is that our business development plans must have a personal development plan connected to them if we’re going to perform at our best.

This is blogathon entry number 16 for the MSMF Blogathon. Visit this page to learn how you can support this cause.

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