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  • Jul 25 / 2008
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Blogathon 2008, Sales Training Video

Blogathon Entry #2 – What we’re blogging for


Wow, this has been a great endeavor so far.  I spammed my entire address book and all my Facebook friends along with people who don’t even know me.  Some very good friends and associates have stepped up to the plate and sponsored several of my blog entries that I will do to raise money and awareness for the MSMF.  On the way home (where I will be blogging for the next 24 hours) Greg Pinch and I did a quick Vlog (Vidcast or video blog) to kick off the evening.  For those of you who don’t know what this is all about here’s a video introduction for the event:

  • Jul 25 / 2008
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Blogathon 2008 – Entry #1 – Murphy’s Law

Well I ftp’ed our first video for the Blogathon tonight and it was all cued for 10 pm… I returned to discover that the connection (Thanks Shaw Internet) was reset?  This is a good lesson for anyone using technology in the sales process.  My video is now uploading and because I’m blogging from home on a residential network it is really slow.  Mostly likely due to my neighbors downloading free videos and music on Friday night.  (See piracy).

With that said lets get back to the topic of Murphy’s Sales and Technology law: “If something can go wrong, there’s a good chance it will.”  If you sell software or web based technology my suggestion is to heed this law and prepare for the worst. (I myself am an optimist, this is both a strength and a potential risk in business)  What this means is if you are going to a clients office to demonstrate software or a web application we must assume and prepare for the following circumstances:

Dead laptop: Always bring your presentation on a USB or even e-mail it to your client in advance asking that they have a back-up laptop just incase.  If you’re selling ina team environment get each team member to bring their own laptops (with the presentation or softare required)

Dead projector or bulb: If you’re using a projector assume the bulb could die or the projector itself could malfunction.  Bring a back-up bulb, suggest the client readies their projector just in case and always bring a hard copy of your presentation in case of technical failure (one copy for each person in attendance)

Error messages or no web connection:  Assume that where ever you plan on doing your web based demo could have a loss of connectivity also assume that your software may not load, even with 99.9% effectivenes you could be the .01%.  My suggestion is that you also have an offline non-live demo in the form of screen captures in PowerPoint so that you can walk clients through a simulated version of what your software can do.

The reality is that most prospects and clients realize that no software, web application, or presentation enviroment is perfect but or response to the challenge will often determine if we are seen as problem solving, flexible solution providers or someone they choose to pass over in their search for a supplier.

Shane Gibson

  • Jul 25 / 2008
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Sales Performance Meetup Summary

This past Monday at our Sales Performance Meetup (a free networking event for sales professionals in Vancouver) we had an awesome guest speaker Fred Shadian talk about breaking through our plateaus in business and in our personal life.  Fred has 3 black belts and has studied peak performance for two decades.  Raul a local Vancouver Blogger has written a fantastic summary of the Sales Performance Meetup (follow this link).

I have provided you with a brief 13 minute audio sales podcast of the topic discussed.

Sales Performance Meetup

  • Jul 22 / 2008
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Blogathon 2008 – Help Me Help Build a School in India

I have joined the ranks of approximately a dozen Vancouver area bloggers (see below for a partial list)

for a 24 hour Blogathon for Charity. Over 24 hours I will write 48 blog posts to help build a school in India that will provide hope, literacy, and options to a very impoverished region of that country.  Some posts will be in the form of audio podcasts to give my hands a rest.

I will be answering questions and blogging on sales, leadership, personal development, and motivation.  Here’s a couple ways you can help:

  • Sponsor and entry for $50 and submit a  question on sales, leadership, personal development, or motivation.  Your blog entry will have your answer and a personal profile of you and/or your organization and 2 links back to your website(s).
  • Pledge any amount via e-mail (everything helps)
  • Spread the word and let your friends and associates know about this event
  • Visit my blog and post some comments of encouragement during my 24 hour blogathon 10 pm Friday July 25 to 10 pm Saturday July 26th

To make this as simple as possible I have set up an e-mail account for pledges and after the blogathon I will send you directions on how to make your donation online directly to MSMF.  My e-mail address for pledges is blogathon@kbitraining.com.  Any bloggers who sponsor an entry also will be added to my permanent blogroll as an extra thanks.

For more information on the MSMF foundation and why I chose this charity click here.

To donate immediately click here

Any questions call me at 604-351-5539 or e-mail shane@kbitraining.com

Participating Bloggers:

  • Jul 21 / 2008
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In a Rut or Plateau in Sales?

I thought I’d share this quote with my readers.  I’m sure very soon I will be doing a podcast on this topic. Fred Shadian (Who will be speaking at our Sales Performance Meetup tonight) shared this with me yesterday.

We were talking about heros, warriors and winners.  Fred Shared this with me:

When a hero plateaus it’s usually because they have not accepted their calling

This is such a powerful quote.  When we plateau, greatness is before us but we’re at that place (the rut as some refer to it) and it’s because we haven’t fully embraced our mission.


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