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  • Jul 26 / 2008
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Board Bootcamp – Big Impact for Your Small Business

On Monday I will be on a panel for the Vancouver Board of Trade speaking on “Big Impact for Your Small Business.”  It will be moderated by Paul Harris, Publisher of Business in Vancouver and Editorial Director for BC Operations, Glacier Media Group and my fellow panelists are Stephen Jagger of Reachd.com / Ubertor.com and Norman Stowe, Managing Partner, Pace Group.

Stephen Jagger will be talking about using the web and technology to amplify your small business and help you move into the big leagues.

Norman Stowe will be talking about how to effectively work with the media using PR and other tools.

I will be talking about how to build personal relationships that develop depth and credibility and in turn create an endless stream of referals for sales people and entrepreneurs.

Here’s the Board’s description of the event:

In today’s business climate, a small business can position themselves strategically to compete with some of the fastest growing companies in the world.

These experts offer clear guidelines and a wealth of information on how to make a big impact with your clients, raise your company’s profile, and use the power of technology to move your business ahead.

Focus your brand, communicate effectively, fine tune your online presence and your small business will not only succeed, but make a big impact.

It will be interesting to see how we contrast and overlap with our approaches.  I know both Steve and I are big believers in using technology and the web but both of us use the tools a little differently.  Norman Stowe’s events have involved people like the Dalai Lama and Bill Clinton and will have a very global view of branding and networking.

I have a couple of extra tickets for people who are not already members of the Vancouver Board of Trade.  Drop me an e-mail (shane@kbitraining.com) this weekend with your name, telephone number and company info and I’ll hook you up (first come first serve).

  • Jul 26 / 2008
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Listening in Sales Blog Entry # 11

I took an assessment that is part of our Professional Sales Certificate program and isolated it as a free tool for sales people to personally assess their true listening skills.  Many people talk of terms like Needs Analysis, Probing Questions, Rapport Building etc but the reality is all of the processes mentioned are based upon a foundation of trust through effective listening skills.

Free Listening Skills Assessment for Sales People Click Here

I’m looking forward to your feeback on this new assessment.

This is blogathon entry number 8 for the MSMF Blogathon. Visit this page to learn how you can support this cause.

  • Jul 26 / 2008
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MSMF Society and Dr. Chandra

As you may have already seen in other blog entries the MSMF is the charity that my part of the 24 hour Blogathon is focused on supporting.( Click here to make a pledge or learn more)  As of right now I have $1045.00 of pledges in from people here in Vancouver but also people in Ontario and even Africa (Thanks Yogashini!).  Here’s a more in-depth look at the charity and it’s Canadian origins.  Please note the funds from this blogathon will go to build a library in a new school that was not yet on the drawing board when this TV News clip was put together:

  • Jul 26 / 2008
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Guest Blog by Bill Gibson (South Africa)

Sales Triggers:

There are often other factors that help trigger the buying process. By spotting these factors in situations, you immediately become aware of a need, want, or desire. Within your industry, it is important to know what these factors or motivations are and how these factors could trigger specific buying motives.

1. Someone just received a promotion
2. Money has just been won or inherited
3. There is an addition to the family
4. Just bought a house
5. Just moved
6. It is a birthday or anniversary
7. There has just been an amalgamation of companies
8. There is a new executive team
9. Someone has passed away
10. The market has gone for a dive and business is tough
11. Centralizing or decentralizing of a company
12. New budget year coming up
13. A land mark. A 50th anniversary or 21st birthday
14. A wedding
15. Move to a new building
16. Just secured a major contract or was awarded a huge project
17. Share price dropped
18. Has decided to start exporting
19. News headline that scares people
7-12 Principles of Selling
20. Special time of year – Religious Holidays, Summer Vacation
21. A heavy snow fall
22. A heat wave
23. A cold snap
24. A new face
25. A new law has been introduced
26. A change in government
27. A new growth trend
28. A market switching quickly from one item or system to another
29. Person or company reaching a different status level
30. A new competitor has moved on to the scene
31. Someone recently started a business
32. A new area is being developed
33. Someone recently got fit, lost weight, new look
34. A celebration, for example a big sports win!
35. A company has lost its position in the market place
36. A company has gained a higher position in the market
37. Government de-regulations of crown corporations (parastatals—a company
or agency owned or controlled wholly or partly by the government)
38. A natural disaster
39. A crime wave
40. A huge event … Olympics, Expo, World Cup etc.
41. An industry boom, i.e. tourism
42. Someone received poor service from a competitor

As a professional salesperson, it is important to have your “sales opportunity antenna” up at all times. This way you can take advantage of using the right timing. Right timing means you have caught the client at a time of high need, high want, or high desire. During these times, customers buy much quicker, and much more easily.

Bill Gibson is a motivational sales speaker based in South Africa who has addressed over one million people on stages in Canada, USA, Asia, and Africa over the past 30 years.

This is blogathon entry number 9 for the MSMF Blogathon. Visit this page to learn how you can support this cause.

  • Jul 26 / 2008
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Sales Blog – BMW Sales Success Qualities

BMW Global did a study several years ago to look at what the four major sales success qualities as determined by BMW Global are:
• Motivation
• Precision
• Direction, and
• Flexibility

The successful salesperson who is motivated:
• desires to be the best.
• is competitive by nature.
• has the edge through customer service.
• turns problems into opportunities.
• moves, stands, and talks in a positive way.
• refrains from negative, pessimistic statements, and ignores those made by other

Following is a break-down of these success qualities:

The successful salesperson is precise, focused and detail-oriented:
a) Focused:
• The ability to decide what is important
• The willingness to tackle unpleasant jobs
• The willingness to spend time convincing the prospective client that the car is right for them—therefore price may not be such an important issue
b) Detail-oriented:
• Doing the job consistently and systematically
• Planning and organizing
• Keeping notes of appointments, actions, reminders, and deadlines

The successful salesperson has positive direction.
a) Assertive:
• Tough-minded and confident in negotiation
• Believes in themselves and believes in the product and an ability to show it
• Handles negatives and insults well
b) Relationship:
• Builds rapport with prospects, customers and colleagues
• Understands that people buy from people
• Focuses 100% on prospects by listening and maintaining an acceptable level of eye contact
• Praises service staff and reception staff internally and externally

The successful salesperson is flexible. They possess the ability to:
• read people and situations and to adapt their behavior.
• get excited when the customer gets excited or be business-like when the customer is business-like.
• adjust their posture, volume, and tone of voice to match their client.

This study very quickly summarizes the many characteristics that most of us need to rise above average in sales and in business.

This is blogathon entry number 8 for the MSMF Blogathon. Visit this page to learn how you can support this cause.

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