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My 5 Things Meme

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My 5 Things Meme

I was tagged by Gus Fosarolli in his 5 Things Meme, (Client Relations Manager at Marketwire).  Like Gus this is my first Meme.  So here it is:

5 things I was doing 10 years ago

  1. Living in Sandton (Johannesburg) South Africa
  2. Going on African Safaris atleast once a month
  3. Driving an Opel Cadette at 230 km/h on left hand side of the road (Yes this was a bad idea, hoping we’re at the statute of limitations on regards to this one)
  4. Had a tequila with the Spring Boks Hooker and the All Blacks Prop in Cantina Tequila in Belville the night the Boks beat the All Blacks (Dankie!)
  5. Experienced true reconciliation first hand “Simunye”

5 things on my To-Do-List Today

  1. Finish writing the last 5 pages of “Selling Intangible and Complex Solutions”
  2. Send an e-mail to Thailand about a speaking engagement there in January
  3. Have dinner with my beautiful wife Wannapan
  4. Find 5 bloggers to tag in this meme
  5. Edit a podcast interview I did last week with Chip Terry GM of Enterprise Solutions of Zoominfo

5 Snacks I like

  1. Green Mango with Shrimp Paste
  2. Pumpkin Seeds
  3. Irish Potato Nachos From Doolins
  4. Avacodo (plain)
  5. Cucumbers (With sea salt and apple cider vinegar)

5 Things I would do if I was a millionaire

  1. Spend more time with my wife and my son
  2. Use my talents to help more people
  3. Build a retreat in Thailand (and invite my friends)
  4. Donate a lot of money to “Room to Read
  5. Take a year off 🙂

5 Places I have lived

  1. Sydney, Nova Scotia
  2. Calgary, Alberta
  3. Vancouver,  British Columbia
  4. Victoria, British Columbia
  5. Johannesburg, South Africa

5 People I’ve tagged:

Brian Gardner

Stephen Jagger

Daniel Smith

Mari Smith

Gerard Yoofi Hagan

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