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  • Nov 02 / 2008
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Community and Friends in Turbulent Economic Times

I read Raul’s post the other day on being a friend.  Then today I got the weekly networking tip from Work the Pond.  Raul made the statement “The point of being a friend is not to be dismissive when your friends tell you they need something. It’s to actually DO SOMETHING.”  In today’s economic environment I see people focusing inward, worrying, obsessively watching their stock portfolio on one monitor and CNN’s by the minute bad news on another.  As we disconnect from others and are immobilzed by fear we are doing the opposite of what our business, and our community needs us to do.  The only thing I know that cures fear is action.  The quickest way to cure our sorrow and depression, is to help another person.  Here’s what Darcy Rezac and his co-authors had to say this week:

Don’t Abandon Your Friends. In these crazy economic times, money is on everybody’s minds. While the temptation is to drastically cut back, local businesses can suffer. We’re talking about the nearby restaurant where everyone knows your name, the ‘mom and pop’ coffee bar where you buy your morning paper and coffee, or the little flower shop that makes those great bouquets you love. Remember, just as you don’t want your customers to abandon you, the same holds true for those who rely on your business. These are stressful times and everyone can use the support. Order a less expensive bottle of wine, coffee instead of latte, but show up. We are all connected.

– Darcy, Gayle and Judy

Work the Pond - Positive Networking Tips

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