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Monthly Archives / January 2009

  • Jan 29 / 2009
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Getting Real About Prospects – Is It Really A Sales Lead?

sales podcast in itunesThis is a question that I get a lot. I look at a sales professional’s prospect list and pipeline and it looks full. Then we begin to ask questions about what criteria has been used to qualify them for our time and energy through-out the sales process. We often find many un-profitable prospects on the list.

Symvolli has done a great podcast on this topic as well (I listened to it and thought I’d post a response via podcast). The key here is it’s better to “get real” about what we truly have for opportunities and then build a solid plan to help us get to where we want to go.  The alternative, pushing unqualified leads through the pipeline is exhausting and will have us show up short of quota at the end of the year.

  • Jan 29 / 2009
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Using Internet Marketing for Sales and Recruiting with 49above.com

Internet marketing and social media to drive sales and recruitment

Today’s podcast is an interview with Sarah Villeneuve Bundy Co-Founder of 49 Above Marketing a multilingual full service internet marketing firm with clients in Canada, USA and numerous other countries. Sarah was on the show today to share with us how to put together a comprehensive sales and recruiting strategy.  Some of the tools we discussed were Twitter, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) PPC ( pay-per-click campaigns ), blogging, and the power of “Long-Tail” keywords in attracting the right prospects.

  • Jan 27 / 2009
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Social Media Phobia Why Executives Aren’t Onboard.

I asked the question today on Twitter today:

What do you think about Social Media Phobia? What are executives and business owners afraid of? I had some great responses from people online via Twitter.

GusF @shanegibson I think the big fear is that they have to interact. Also once they say something it’s out there, no turning back.
Eagranie Yuh
eagranieyuh @shanegibson It’s a paradigm shift – you can’t control the message anymore. Throw in new technology and people get scared.
KyeGrace @shanegibson I think many think Social Media is the Wild West & in many ways it is…some choose to ride their horse through town some don’t
Renbor @shanegibson I’d guess it is the visibility they don’t like.
Maury Lum
maurylum @shanegibson I think part of phobia is fear that if things “too” personal, will not be professional. Can they co-exist or help 1-another?
Ian Watt
IanWatt @shanegibson I need some office support
Igor Faletski
igorskee @shanegibson wasting money :)))
davemacdonald @shanegibson They are still upholding the illusion that the company owns the brand and that less transparency ensures more control.
Simon Rai
Raize604 @shanegibson “social media” is simply a way to socialize online…some people are just more grounded in real life than online life
Jason Brown
Financial_Plan @shanegibson I think the phobia of social media comes from maintaining a single corporate image, and compliance dep.; bottom-line impersonal
Michael Allison
michaelallison @shanegibson Partly, it’s not understanding the value. If they’ve been successful without it all these years, why start now?
raincoaster @shanegibson Simple: they are afraid of You and Me and everyone else. That’s why they have receptionists. To keep the curtain closed.
Mark aka OLM™
OtotheLtotheM @shanegibson This is just a matter of adjusting old mindsets to new ideas; easier said than done.
Mark aka OLM™
OtotheLtotheM @shanegibson Phobia comes from the unknown; Unsure how to implement, think it will take too much $/time, no direct way of measuring impact
Yam D
tyamdm @shanegibson I was talking about that with @jesus_hoyos last week and for example in LatAm privacy and safety are a big Issue.

To a large degree the consensus is people are afraid of technology and/or they are afraid to lose control of their brand.  Regardless of whether or not we like it, what people are saying about our brand line, is now our brand.  Getting invovled in social media and learning a few simple tools (Twitter is easier than Hotmail to use) is a lot less painful than not being part of the conversation and/or watching our competitors mop up mind share and wallet share using social media.

I would be very interested in your thoughts on why people aren’t willing to dive in sooner than later?

  • Jan 22 / 2009
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Leading in Turbulent Times with Mike Desjardins

On todays podcast we have Mike Desjardins, Driver of Virtus Inc. talking about “Leading in Turbulent Times.”  This discussion took us on a path to discussing everything from Authentic Leadership to Leading Millenials and several key steps CEO’s and organizational leaders need to take to succeed.

About Mike Desjardins:

Mike is a graduate of UBC’s Sauder School of Business with a specialization in Marketing. Immediately prior to joining ViRTUS as the “Driver,” Mike was the President of Purity Water Treatment Products, a company which manufacturers and distributes hot tub and pool treatment products throughout North America with offices in Surrey, Oakville, and San Diego. Under Mike’s direction, Purity became the only Canadian based chemical company to have its entire product line registered for sale in the US, distributing to twenty-nine states.

Mike is a health and wellness fanatic, an avid downhill skier, beach volleyball player, and motorcycle enthusiast. His energy and enthusiasm are matched well to his desire to build relationships and help connect the right people together in his ever-expanding network.

Mike’s role as the Driver is to focus on strategy, growth, day-to-day operations, and the quest to continually improve every aspect of the experience customers have with ViRTUS.

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  • Jan 21 / 2009
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CEO Attraction – Sales Podcast on Selling to CEO’s

sales podcast in itunesToday’s sales podcast is about the law of attraction as it relates to selling to CEO’s. It’s not about “Can I relate to them?” it’s about “how can I make it easy for them to relate to me?”

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