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  • Jan 18 / 2009
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Work the Pond Networking Tip of the Week

Authors of the Book Work the Pond Darcy Rezac, Gayle Hallgren-Rezac and Judy Thomson  put out a weekly networking tip.  Periodically I will be posting their tips.  If you haven’t picked up a copy of Work the Pond yet I strongly suggest you do, it’s on the top of my books to read list for sales people and professionals of any discipline.  Here’s the tip for this week:

RSVP Like You Mean It. We recently attended an event–a very popular wine tasting hosted by a large firm. At the end of the evening, we noticed the registration table still had about 15 guest name tags! These were the folks who hadn’t bothered to show up. It was a shame because this event had a waiting list. In this day of instant communication, sending a quick email, text message or making a cell phone call would have been an easy way for those no-show folks to inform the organizers that, unfortunately, they had to withdraw their RSVP. Being a no-show simply looks bad. It’s your reputation, protect it.

–Darcy, Gayle and Judy

Got a great networking tip for 2009? Share it with us at: info@workthepond.com We are giving away a copy of the audio version of Work The Pond! for the best tip!

  • Jan 13 / 2009
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Sales Style Indicators and Job Style Indicators and Assessments

Sales Style Job Style Indicators Assessments Profile CRG

I have been using the Sales Style Indicator from the Consulting Resource Group in my seminars and have also managed to set up a considerable network of HR, sales and recruitment professionals that now also use the tool.  Although there is no “ideal style” for a sales professional across the board, in specific types of selling such as retail auto sales or certain types of medical products that some personality styles do seem to succeed with less resistance.

Here’s how I use the tool for recruitment and even succession planning:

Step 1 The JSI or Job Style Indicator

Online Job Style Indicator (JSI)
Online Job Style Indicator (JSI)

(view a sample report) This will give me a 360-degree view of what the characteristics, attitudes, behaviors and competencies of the ideal sales candidate for that particular organization will most likely be.

It’s important to note that based upon organizational culture, geography and the leadership style of the organization that two companies or even divisions will often have varied Job Style Profiles.  Just because you do well selling for BMW doesn’t necessarily mean you will fit in at Ford.  In other words successful Ford sales people may have a different profile than successful BMW sales people because of the varying corporate cultures and client demographics.

Step 2 The SSI or Sales Style Indicator (view sample report)

Online Sales Style Indicator (SSI)
Online Sales Style Indicator (SSI)

I don’t do this profile with every candidate but if I have a position to fill it is one of the last tools I use to find who comes closest to the profile I am looking for.  The Sales Style Profile is one of the most comprehensive and consistent tools I have used for profiling and selection.  Unlike a temperament based tools like DISC or Myers Briggs type tests I find it much more accurate (personal opinion and experience) and it’s also less than $50 per assessment.

It is important to note employment law in your region as with some Canadian provinces and some states in America disqualifying a candidate because of personality style can be deemed a violation of the law.  A better way to frame the tool is that you want to understand how they will need to be managed and motivated if they in fact do get the job, the profile itself is not a determinant but a “get to know you tool.”

With that said each short-listed candidate fills out a profile online (it only takes 12 minutes ) and then we can compare and contrast how well they are aligned with the JSI, we can also determine based upon style their orientation to team work and how well they will relate to the style of their future sales manager.

From a leadership perspective when I am coaching or managing a sales team by understanding their Sales Style Profile I can save days or even weeks of effort that it would traditionally take to understand what really motivates individual sales people.

My suggestion is even if you’re a one-person show, this tool can help you improve your sales process and your approach to relating to clients and prospects.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you manage a sales team of 20+ sales professionals or are a recruiter, I have access to  a limited number of demo or free assessments  that CRG has made available to me for those that want to test them out and compare them to what they’re using now. E-mail me at shane@socialized.me to see if you qualify.

  • Jan 12 / 2009
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Five Minutes With VITO Podcast with Shane Gibson

I recently received a copy of Five Minutes with VITO. I had already read “Selling to VITO” several years ago and often suggest that sales professionals who want to close big deals read it.  VITO stands for Very Important Top Officer and is in my opinion your most important prospect and target market.  This most recent iteration of Anthony Parinello’s sales classic, now co-authored with David Mattson of Sandler Training is a timely, to the point and inspiring read.

Five Minutes with VITO is a must read for those that are frustrated with long sales cycles, corporate dead-ends in the sales process, and pretty much anyone else who is serious about meeting their sales targets.  The book will not tell you where to find CEO prospects, nor will it talk much about key account management or “Closing the Deal.” Instead it focuses on the critical 5 minutes with THE senior executive in your sales process, and how to deal with this true decision maker during this “make-you-or-break-you” window of time.

Listen ot my full podcast review below:

Click the book to learn more…

How to sell to and act like a CEO ( VITO )

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  • Jan 07 / 2009
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Filling Your Sales Funnel Fast in 2009

Sales Podcast on Filling Your Sales Funnel in 2009Today’s sales podcast is about filling your sales funnel fast in 2009. We all want to exceed our goals for this year and the reality is what we did last year probably won’t get us there.  We will need to invest more energy, time, and money and above all think differently about the way we sell and run our business.

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