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Darcy Rezac’s Networking Tip of the Week

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Darcy Rezac’s Networking Tip of the Week

I’m subscribed to Darcy Rezac’s (Twitter) Networking Tips. He’s author of “Work the Pond” the definitive guide to networking in business and in life.  Here’s this week’s tip:

Trucker Network. We are firm believers in the power of business cards, and the following story reaffirms why everyone in your company needs cards. Last week Darcy heard this story about a guy who owns a trucking company who decided to give all his truckers business cards. Soon, his company’s business cards were posted on truck stop cafes and gas stations across the continent. The result? A 20% increase in business! And there was another interesting thing that happened–the drivers started dressing better, looking sharper. Why would that be? These guy and gals had never been given business cards before, and if we think back to the time when we received that very first box of business cards, there was a certain feeling of pride, status and belonging. There were two wins for this owner because of his simple investment in business cards.

— Darcy, Gayle and Judy

To read a story from Work the Pond! about giving cards to everyone in your company go to: www.tiny.cc/shepa

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