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3 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secrets

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3 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secrets

In continuing with the series from last week here are 3 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secrets inspired by the Father of Guerrilla Marketing my friend Jay Levinson:

6.    Assortment of Weapons – Use a diversity of tools. Start with a blog or highly socially enabled site. Then use and master all of the major tools.  You will identify over time which ones you have a talent for using, and which ones your market responds to best.  Today these tools may include:

•    Blogging
•    Video Podcasting (YouTube, Viddler etc.)
•    FaceBook
•    Linkedin
•    Flickr
•    Twitter
•    Forums
•    Ning.com
•    Digg
•    StumbleUpon
•    FriendFeed
•    Google Profiles
•    Tumblr
•    Ubertor (for Realtors)
•    Meetup.com

7.    Convenient “Time is money is a lie. Time is life, don’t waste their time.” –  Jay Levinson.  This is critical, don’t make people work hard to find your information or consume the great content you create.  Also don’t waste their time with 10 minute videos when you could say it in 3 minutes or even better, 3 Twitter tweets. Brevity is key in Guerilla Social Media Marketing
8.    Subsequent – Always know what’s next, don’t write an e-book, write a series of e-books. Don’t just solve one customer pain, be in search of the next big thing that can help those who are connected with you.

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