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Listening in Sales Day 9 of the 28 days to Better Selling

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Listening in Sales Day 9 of the 28 days to Better Selling

IMG_3571 Today’s focus is on listening. A big part of being good at all the steps in the sales process has to do with listening and being totally present.  I have put together (in PDF format) a brief self-assessment on listening for you to complete. A big part of being a successful communicator is self-awareness. Take time during and after this assessment to really look at yourself and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses as a listener.

Your ability to be totally present during the sales process and to connect empathetically with the client can seperate you from your competition.  Clients often drop clues as to what they value and what they need if we listen closely enough.

Your assignment today is to be totally present and listen intently to everyone you interact with.

Download the listening self-assessment here

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