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Needs Analysis in Sales Day 10 of the 28 Days to Better Selling

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Needs Analysis in Sales Day 10 of the 28 Days to Better Selling

A few of us are in different time zones, others have expressed that they are a bit behind on the assignments so technically this is day 10.5 as far as timing goes but don’t worry, we’ll catch up by the weekend with some extra but easy to implement tweaks to our sales process.

Today is about building an effective needs analysis structure, tomorrow I will talk about how to conduct a needs analysis from a rapport perspective.  The topic today focuses on why we need a structured needs analysis process and how to structure it effectivelty.

Your assignment today is:

1) Brainstorm all of the possible closed, open, leading and request type questions you could ask

2) Organize them from least to most confidential

3) Pick the top 5 to 7 questions you could ask a client during an initial meeting or qualifying call

If you want some feedback on your questioning format you can always e-mail me at shane@closingbigger.net.

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