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  • Jun 29 / 2009
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5 Ways to Build a Twitter Following Organically

Many people ask me how I keep managing to grow my twitter following on my @shanegibson account.  I don’t and have never used any type of auto-follow software or participated in any type of Twitter Ponzi scheme.  I avoid the get rich quick crowd like the plague, in fact some of my tweets have offended them on mass.  In our soon to be released book Sociable! Stephen Jagger (@sjagger) and I talk about 16 ways to organically build your Twitter following. Here’s a condensed version of 5 of those strategies:

Follow retweeters

Often a good tweet or quote that you do will be passed on by several people.  Many of the resulting tweets will be done by people you don’t know.  Follow those people, they have already proven they like what you have to say and there’s a good chance they will follow you because of this.

Follow people who follow your competitors

If your competitors have a strong online engagement strategy then there’s a good chance that they have a good concentration of quality connections on Twitter. If their interest revolves around a service you provide or blog content that you create then there’s a good chance they will follow you back.  Be wary of following people who are connected to competitors that are not engaging or have a weak twitter strategy, there’s a good chance their follower quality and relevancy for you will be low.

Follow people who talk about your competitors

Follow people who talk well or badly about your competitors, either way they’re spending money on or have interest in your business or industry.  Follow these people and begin a dialogue with them, after a few interactions you will begin to develop rapport with them.

Use Twellow.com to target key people and groups

Twellow is to our knowledge the most comprehensive Twitter directory on the web.  It was developed by Webpronews a subsidiary of iEntry a leading online publisher.  It includes 5.4 million Twitter profiles organized by geography, industry and various industry sub-categories.  If you want to target CEO’s working for IT companies in Texas it will provide you a list of people to follow.  Highly organized and easy to register and use we consider this tool a key tool for anyone serious about building a targeted Twitter following.

Contextualize your tweets when following to be followed

Often when you’re networking the first few minutes of a conversation will help you determine if you will stick around and socialize. The same thing goes for Twitter, think about the people you are trying to attract and make sure your Twitter updates will reflect their interests, stature and culture.  This will increase the chance of them following you.

For example, if you used Twellow to find CEO’s then you most likely would do several Twitter updates that interest them.  You would follow 40 or 50 CEO’s, many of whom would check out your profile to see what you are about.  You could quote Warren Buffet, then link to an article on leadership and maybe retweet a couple well known CEO’s as well.  In essence you are having a conversation that CEO’s would follow.

The idea is to make sure that your dialogue matches the market you are targeting during a 5 to 7 day time frame.

If you liked these Twitter tips you can register for information on getting an advance order and bonus e-book of Sociable! here:

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  • Jun 24 / 2009
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Leadership, social media, social media training

20 Leadership Tips Under 140 Characters

Daily I do Twitter updates on leadership, sales and social media. Last week I did a post on 20 Social Media Tips Under 140 Characters and so I thought this week I would do one on some of my leadership thoughts and principles. These tips have been inspired by John C. Maxwell, Dr. Terry Anderson, and great mentors such as my father Bill Gibson and great friend Fred Shadian.

Here’s my 20 Leadership Tips Under 140 Characters:

  1. Connect people’s personal values to your mission and they will work with purpose and passion.
  2. If you seek advice from a mentor, be prepared to act upon the directions.
  3. The Ego has been bruised often long before our anger gets the better of us.
  4. Invest in teachable people heavily. Treat them different, give them more opportunities.
  5. Worry less about be recognized as a leader, worry more about recognizing others’ greatness.
  6. Keep growing personally, stay humble, and always know your next step, this will sustain growth.
  7. The team that got you here, might night be the team that is going to get you there.
  8. Teaching is 90% connection and 10% content.
  9. Having your students exceed your abilities is a sign that you are a great leader.
  10. Those that criticize you are not always against you , those that praise you may not really be on your side.
  11. If you look exhausted and stressed don’t be surprised when no one wants to follow your path.
  12. Surround yourself with people that are brilliant in a different way than you are. Mitigate your weaknesses and gaps.
  13. If you think you are leader and no one is following you, you’re actually just going for a walk.
  14. To change your organization you must see it through different eyes.
  15. If you sound like everyone else you might not be a leader.
  16. As a leader you will often feel like you’re on the outside looking in at the world. This is normal, you’re different.
  17. Hire for values and attitude, train for efficiency and skills.
  18. An organization is often a reflection of its leader’s subconscious mind.
  19. The more influence you have the more emotional impact even your smallest actions will have on people.
  20. Leadership is a lifelong pursuit, invest in your personal growth everyday.
  • Jun 16 / 2009
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Internet Marketing and SEO, social media, social media training

20 Social Media Tips Under 140 Characters

Daily I post social media tips on Twitter, I thought I would post the most recent 20 for you. Have any to share? Post them in comments below.

20 Social Media Tips Under 140 Characters:

  1. Spend at least as much time listening as you do broadcasting.
  2. It’s called “social media” for a reason. Be prepared to interact consistently.
  3. You can’t win the game focusing on the scoreboard. Focus on the game of engagement and the traffic will come.
  4. Losing followers is okay, measure the engagement level of who is still here to see how you are doing.
  5. Have a goal, measure results, measurement provides feedback and improvement.
  6. The internet has always been about helping people connect to people (@nickusborne)
  7. Pay it forward. Help, teach. guide and be patient with people new to the scene. [Tweet This Tip]
  8. Study people who are credible with the type of clients you want to attract. Model their strategy.
  9. Marketers aren’t always synonymous with community builders, traffic and followers isn’t always equal to credibility.
  10. If you’re an old school e-mail marketer or pitch artist, there’s some habits you will need to unlearn.
  11. Before you start your campaign define your market and their pains.
  12. Everyone and every company gets off message once in a while. Refocus and learn from it.
  13. Leaders of large “Tribes” need to have thick skin and a tolerance for noise.
  14. Continually tweak and update your Linkedin profile, your network will be notified.
  15. Social media is changing so quickly that if you stop too long to smell the roses you’ll be out of touch.
  16. Try a new platform each month, video blogging, FaceBook, tumblr etc. Curiosity can lead to great discoveries.
  17. You can’t make a robot network for you at a party, why do you think they can do it for you on the web?
  18. Some un-follows are strategic. People want to know if you’re really listening.
  19. You can’t please everyone. But know who you are trying to connect with. Get in sync with your audience.
  20. http://www.ping.fm updates FaceBook, Brightkite, Twitter, tumblr and Linkedin statuses all at once
  • Jun 16 / 2009
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Internet Marketing and SEO, social media, social media training

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secrets Part 7

This is part part 7 of the 19 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secrets inspired by Jay Levinson and adapted by Shane Gibson (me). Here’s today’s 2 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Tips:

18.    Experiment – You will have little failures before you have one big success.  Constantly test and be curious about the psychology behind what motivates and engages your customers, prospects and the online communities you participate.  Remember that penicillin and gun powder were both invented by accident.  Have fun, be engaging and bold and most importantly observe everything.
19.     Implement – The world belongs to those who are willing to implement.  Put a solid marketing calendar together that includes core social media disciplines.  Blog at least 3 times per week, update your Twitter status five or more times per day, spend at least 30 minutes a day pro-actively listening to your audience. Constantly devour information on how to hone your skills as a Guerrilla Social Media Marketer.

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  • Jun 16 / 2009
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* Sales Podcast, 28 days to better selling

Operationalizing Your Sales Process Day 28 to the 28 Days of Better Selling

Following are the five key elements of Operationalizing sales (Full explanation in text is here):

1.    Tools

2.    Measurement

3.    Processes and Knowledge

4.    Maximize Selling Time

5.    Support and Accountability Structure

After you listen to today’s podcast your assignment is to:

  1. List the 5 headings for operationalizing sales discussed
  2. Fill in under each heading what actions or steps you are going to take
  3. Once mapped out make sure you assign a specific time to implement the steps
  4. Find someone you can be accountable to in the process.
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