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Key Skills and Strengths for Selling Intangibles Day 25 of The 28 Days to Better Selling

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Key Skills and Strengths for Selling Intangibles Day 25 of The 28 Days to Better Selling

Yesterday we talked about the importance of proving or selling inangible results related to your products or services.  Today we are going to focus on some of the key attributes needed to do so.  The following provides a brief overview of some of the skills and strengths needed to be great at selling intangibles.

Personal Brand of You
When selling intangible solutions, it really is about credibility and the relationship.  Because the solution is intangible, the purchase is largely based upon the believability of the salesperson.
Having a strong personal brand helps people understand who we are, what we are about, and it removes uncertainty.
People who are good at this type of sales often communicate what they do in a unique way. This means specializing and unique positioning is often necessary.
Passionate Evangelist/Industry Authority or Both
As an extension of our personal brand and our ability to differentiate, our passion and knowledge are critical in selling intangibles. Because the client cannot often experience the service or solution in a tangible way, their experience of you has to be credible and inspiring.
“In communicating, your greatest enemy isn’t the noise around you – it’s the noise you create, un-wittingly” – Harry Beckwith, author of What Clients Love and Selling the Invisible.
Brevity and focus are key. If we focus on one or two core things we are good at and communicate those proficiencies really well, we can own a large portion of client mindshare and wallet share.
Value Builders
Because what we are selling cannot be seen, touched, or measured, we need to be good at building value. Your ability to articulate the real value in terms of return on investment is very important. Solutions must be presented in a way that solves a core client pain or challenge.

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