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Reducing Anxiety and Worry Day 26 of the 28 Days to Better Selling

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Reducing Anxiety and Worry Day 26 of the 28 Days to Better Selling

Energy management in sales is just as important as time management. Worry and anxiety can be big energy drainers.  Your assignment today is to implement as many of the strategies outlined in today’s podcast as possible.

The following are some ideas, strategies, and tips to proactively help reduce your worry and anxiety:

  1. Set a Specific Time for Worry
  2. Move to Action
  3. Try Exercise
  4. Get Out of Bed Quickly
  5. Post Good News
  6. Surround Yourself with Positive People
  7. Make Meetings Productive with the Worry Chart
  8. Time Limit on Hard Work
  9. Know the Value of the Present
  10. Laugh at Yourself
  11. Give Yourself Special Treatment
  • These figures are amazing. I know that this is a chart for business but it has a close relationship with the way people create anxiety and stress in their lives. Looking at this chart one can deduce that 92% of all worry need not happen.


  • yes i agree

  • Absolutely correct

  • DaddyDave

    laugh at your self, that differently helps.


    • Daddydave

      ***definitely helps

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