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Developing a Social Media Calendar and Implementation Plan Podcast

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Developing a Social Media Calendar and Implementation Plan Podcast

Last week in our podcast we discussed “Integrating Social Media Into Your Sales and Marketing Process.”  Today I would like to talk about what a social media roll-out plan could look like for your company or department.  If you’re a lone ranger, don’t worry, this will work for you too.  Based upon sections from our book Sociable! here’s a 13 point outline.  Listen to the podcast for a full description of these points:

  1. Agree goals (Buy-in)
  2. Pick your Platforms
  3. Assess Resources and Allocate them
  4. Social Media policy and guidelines
  5. Listening strategy and tool implementation (includes analytics, alerts and social search)
  6. Populate and customize build platforms
  7. Content development and roll-out social media calendar (Think notes in a symphony)
  8. Train and teach internal contributors
  9. Recruit or connect with external contributors (Encourage conversation and contribution)
  10. Train and develop external pro-active contributors
  11. Marketing and exposure for social media destinations
  12. Blogger and press outreach
  13. Spin-off Marketing Stage


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