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19 Social Media Tips Under 140 Characters

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19 Social Media Tips Under 140 Characters

Here are a selection of Tweets (Twitter Updates) I recently shared on Twitter (via @shanegibson). I’ve put them all in one place as a brief social media tip digest.

Social Media Tips:

  1. Unique, brief sound bytes produced consistently can yield great results.
  2. Once in a while ask your FB and Twitter friends for help. See who steps up. This will tell you a lot.
  3. Make a list of people who support you online. Develop a strategy to reciprocate.
  4. Use your experience in social media to predict areas of growth in new regions and niches. Then pay it forward.
  5. You may be awesome blogger but does the world know? SEO, social networks, offline promotions are needed.
  6. Make your events that you promote about the community. Education and collaboration trump pitches.
  7. “Think what’s in it for me?” from your target market’s perspective.
  8. Using more than one channel / stream shortens your brand engagement curve.
  9. Defining your target market and goals is easy, engaging them is the challenge.
  10. The numbers are exciting but they’re just numbers until you make it real and build good relationships.
  11. Engagement is not just about listening; it’s about empathy, rapport, and making people feel heard.
  12. Engagement is the goal, social media are the tools.
  13. Thank people who comment on your blog via e-mail or twitter. Let them know you’re listening.
  14. Search engine optimization can help you rapidly grow your network and connections. Get good at it.
  15. Develop a list of your top connections/influencers and make sure you’re connected on multiple networks.
  16. There is a Trend: Condensed writing, short videos all getting shorter.
  17. Blogging tip. Pick a theme or topic for the month. Plan 7-10 blog entries that build up to 1 core message, event, or action.
  18. Have a series of steps planned and measured to track and develop relationships.
  19. One of your final steps in the social media sales process is to connect offline, on the phone, or at least one on one virtually.
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