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Why You Need to Be a Nomadic Social Media Tribalist

  • Oct 12 / 2009
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Why You Need to Be a Nomadic Social Media Tribalist

Today’s podcast is more about questions than answers, this is somewhat of a roughly formed thought at this point. Tribes by Seth Godin really resonated with me when I first read it a year ago. Jay Conrad Levinson’s concept of Nano-casting to small unique groups (often only parts of a tribe) has always intrigued me. On a recent trip to Florida Jay and I spent an evening talking about Nano-casting, nomadic tribalists and social media marketing.

Here’s some of the core thoughts

  1. We no longer can broadcast, or niche market, we need to nano-cast to small groups of people, often smaller than the entire tribe.
  2. Nano-casting isn’t enough, we need to employ Listening 2.0 strategies and have intimate conversations.
  3. You must be adept at being a nomadic social media tribalist, your ability to move from tribe to tribe and adapt as you market is vital.

I really would like your feedback on this concept. Make a comment below, Tweet me, or find me on Google Wave (closingbigger@googlewave.com).

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