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  • Nov 25 / 2009
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Three Truly Sociable! Media Leaders and a Book Update

Our book Sociable! has been signed off.  Stephen Jagger and I are now waiting on the very first hardcopy. After that’s singed off, you’ll be able to order the book from Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com this coming month.

I thought while we all wait I would give you a sneak peek into some of the personalities involved in the book.

Sociable! Media Leader #1: Kyle MacDonald (@oneredpaperclip):

Kyle wrote the foreword of the book. Here’s a great video on how Kyle traded one red paperclip for a house in one year:

Sociable Media Leader #2: Peter Aceto (@CEO_INGDirect):

Peter Aceto CEO of ING Direct Canada has brought a very transparent approach to leadership in banking.  We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Aceto for the book and have since cooperated with ING in a few progressive social media marketing activities such as their standing room only #tweetup at the ING Direct Café here in Vancouver. (You can check out the event photo’s here on flickr). Below is an example how Peter has used YouTube and FairFees.ca to directly connect with the marketplace. He’s also one of the top CEO Tweeters in Canada (Follow him here).

Sociable Media Leader #3: Scott Heiferman (@heif)

Scott Heiferman is the CEO of Meetup.com. Anyone who knows Stephen Jagger and I will know that we really love Meetup. With that said our interview with Scott really opened us up to Scott’s global vision for Meetup and the very local impacts it can have on community and individuals. Below is a recent slideshare (click play to hear the audio, the 18 minutes are worth a listen) from a presentation by Scott this week at the Personal Democracy Forum in Europe.

Book Update:

Listen to Chapter 1 as an mp3 (audio file) or…

Click below to download Chapter 1

Sociable Book Cover

  • Nov 13 / 2009
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Leading and Collaborating with Generation Y

I’m doing a seminar on December 2nd in Victoria and December 3rd in Vancouver and thought I would share some of what I will be talking about with you in my podcast.  Today’s focus is on how to engage, lead and train Generation Y / Millenials in the workplace. This demographic is much maligned and misunderstood.

More information on the seminars here:

Seminar Details

“Leading and collaborating with stakeholders and employees in a hyper connected marketplace.”

With employees, customers and stakeholders equipped with technology that allows for mass collaboration and rapid communication we as leaders need to understand how to harness this technology and the crowds we are connected to.

Today’s workplace is not a homogeneous one. As leaders we have to lead teams that are made up of Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y.  This coupled with diverse cultures and values in the workplace make leading both exciting and challenging.

In this session Shane Gibson will cover core trends, leadership tools and opportunities that are associated with today’s digitally connected and diverse marketplace.

Key topics include:

• New rules for engagement in a digitally transparent era.
• Web 2.0 collaboration and learning tools.
• Creating an environment that is productive and engaging for the millennial / Gen Y.
• Tips and approaches for recruiting staff using tools like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.
• Using technology to break down silos and create collaboration within your organization.
• How to apply timeless leadership principles to this new work and business climate

CMA Testimonial

“I found the seminar (Partnering & Stakeholder Relationships, November 2009) very beneficial. Shane did a great job on the presentation and communicating the message. I would highly recommend his sessions to my fellow CMAs.”

Sanjeev Lal, CMA, Abbotsford

Register for Victoria, December 2nd 2009 Seminar

Register for Vancouver, December 3rd 2009 Seminar

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