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What Guerrilla Social Media Marketers Know…

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What Guerrilla Social Media Marketers Know…

This is another (unedited) excerpt from the new book Jay Conrad Levinson and I are writing:

Guerrillas know that social media and social networks are bi-directional communications tools. Most of your competitors will be stingy with their real level of interaction and conversations with the marketplace. Chat more, contribute more, and listen more than your competitors.

Traditional Marketers Say:

Guerrillas Know:

Being conversational doesn’t scale. Positive conversations can go viral via online word of mouth and grow your brand geometrically.
You should find a way to automate your interaction and responses. Taking the time to personally tailor our messages and communications creates rapport and trust in our brand. Trust in our brand means business.
Broadcast messages across multiple channels, it’s a numbers game. Listening to multiple communities online can help us respond with the right message, to the right prospect at the right time. It means we don’t waste money, time or create noise.
Tease the market with free reports, meager discounts, and mass appeal offers. Giving real value, truly customized solutions, and things that will help our market will create loyalty and a desire to reciprocate and do business with us.
If you don’t get a return on investment from a community or target market, move on quickly and find a more receptive market. It takes many conversations and value added interactions to gain the trust, loyalty and mindshare of a community. Having ongoing dialogue and involvement with our connections is what it takes to make a guerrilla marketing attack fully pay. Investing long-term in the right market is always a good strategy.

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing – Copyright 2010 Jay Conrad Levinson – Shane Gibson & Entrepreneur Press

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