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12 Social Media Tips <140 Characters

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12 Social Media Tips <140 Characters

  1. Keep giving and contributing more than the competition. Pay back will be huge.
  2. Every tweet, blog entry, comment and status update will be saved forever and is permanently part of your brand.
  3. Before permission to market comes permission to connect. There’s a lot of trust building in between.
  4. Make it easy for people to find you. While you’re out looking for business there is an entire market looking for you.
  5. “It’s not about B2B or B2C it’s about person to person marketing in social media” – @jeffbooth.
  6. Use the back links function in Google to see who is linking to your competitors. Reach out to those connectors.
  7. Go wide with social media then build strong deep networks by going deep with the phone, Skype, webinars or in-person.
  8. Twitter search and tools like Twellow.com can dampen the noise down from millions on voices to the exact ones you’re targeting.
  9. Picking a fight publicly stays on record long after the battle is done. Rarely is it worth it.
  10. Not getting the results you want? Are you asking for help often enough? It’s about community. Reach out.
  11. Share and give more than you think is practical… then do it again. It will build positive momentum for your brand.
  12. When partnering with other social media influencers start by making sure your values and principles are aligned.
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