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Why Social Media in the C-Suite is Vital

  • May 24 / 2010
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Why Social Media in the C-Suite is Vital

Why executives must invest in understanding and driving social media use in their organization.

Social media is not just another tool. It can be, but it’s a lot more for those organizations that embrace it. The challenge is it’s also not just about learning a new technology, it’s about changing the way we communicate with customers, stakeholders and staff.

This is a corporate cultural change, it’s also about embracing one of the most powerful word of mouth tools ever invented. There are huge inherent risks and opportunities presented by this. For that reason social media or online engagement initiatives in general have to be driven by the C-suite, the people who can hold others accountable and sponsor change in their organization.

In today’s social media podcast I talk about the following:

  1. Senior executives and their need for buy-in
  2. What and who to invest in
  3. The importance of a corporate social media policy
  4. How soft steps lead to ROI
  5. Why most social media marketing fails:
  • Lack of a goal
  • Poorly defined market
  • No listening
  • No real launch plan
  • Quitting too soon

The bottom-line is that social media is too important to compartmentalize or see as a pet project.What do you think?

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