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The Customer Owns Your Brand

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The Customer Owns Your Brand

I saw this great example of how a customer owns your brand in social media. While some Realtors may blog and tweet the links, or others build Facebook page shrines in their likeness, Jack Bernard has been branded by his customers online. You obviously want both, but this creative list as to why he’s the best Realtor in the world is a great example of how a raving fan can use their social influence to promote your business.

Jack recently helped Michael Tedham find and buy a new house. Mike is a successful marketing and promotions manager for the Granville Entertainment Group. Mike also has 1957 Facebook friends. So when Jack delivered great service, Mike didn’t just tell a couple people… he told 2000.

From a note on Mike’s Facebook page here’s his tongue-in-cheek tribute to Jack Bernard:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 6:46pm

Why Jack Bernard is the best realtor in the world.

In this note: Jack Bernard (notes), Tina Sharp
1.) He is a ginger, but somehow has a sole intact.
2.) He doesn’t drive a BMW convertible.
3.) He doesn’t use spray tan.
4.) He stops at Starbucks before he picks you up.
5.) It’s really fun to say ‘JACK ATTACK!’
6.) He is EXTREMELY knowledgable.
7.) He is an EXTREMELY good teacher.
8.) He takes about a second to understand what you are looking for, and finds it.
9.) He doesn’t care if you are hung over, and keeps the stereo down if you are.
10.) DId I mention he somehow retained his soul?

Thats 10 reasons, and I could name about a million other. Tina and my experience purchasing our first home has had several set backs, but NONE were by fault of Jack, and he helped us through every single one of them. Anybody out there looking to buy, be it your first place, or 50th, Jack is amazing, and I will never buy another place without him.

Kudos Jack…. Kudos

jack attack!
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What do you think of the customers ability to brand you? Should Realtors who haven’t retained their soul be concerned about the power of the crowd?
Here’s a screen capture of the original post:
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