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Monthly Archives / December 2010

  • Dec 29 / 2010
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My Top 12 Social Media Blog Posts for 2010 according to Postrank (@postrank)

Following are my most engaging blog posts according to Post Rank Analytics. They measure on-site and off site responses, votes, comments and links to each post and then rank the post. Having the Post Rank plugin installed into this blog made finding the posts that my readers have found most engaging easy. Thanks to everyone who has dropped by the blog, commented and shared my tips, strategies and podcasts. Here are the top 12 posts:

  1. Social Media Calendar Sample Template (podcast, pdf and doc download)
  2. Rules for Ford Social Media Engagement are Simple and Clear
  3. What is Different About Guerrilla Social Media Marketing?
  4. Sales and Social Media – Should You Let Your Sales Team Post Content Using Social Media? (podcast)
  5. Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secret #19 –  Implement (Video)
  6. 10 Best Practices for Social Media in Social Causes
  7. Why Social Media in the C-Suite is Vital
  8. How the World’s #1 Online Building Supply Company Uses Social Media
  9. 12 Social Media Tips <140 Characters
  10. Guerrilla Social Media Marketing – Traditional Sites versus Social Sites
  11. Podcast – Helping Sales People Get Smarter with Digital Assistants and Technology (podcast)
  12. 12 Social Media Tips Under 140 Characters (pt 2)

Thanks for all of your support in 2010. I’m looking forward to what 2011 has in store for the social media space.

PostRank Topblogs 2009 – #101 in Social Media

  • Dec 29 / 2010
  • 10
social media, social media podcast, social media tips, social media training

19 Social Media Tips in 140 Characters or Fewer

I just used this site called Tweet Scan to download all of my Twitter posts since I got onto Twitter. Truth be told — it only was able to recover a portion. Within it though I was able to dig up from my archive some social media tips that I have tweeted over the past year. I will share more over the next couple of weeks but here’s 19 social media tips:

  1. Social Media Tip: You can tweet until you are blue in the face – until you develop intimacy you’re not maximizing your ROI
  2. Sales and Social Media Tip: sales and social media are not longer two separate processes or activities.
  3. Social Media Tip: Before responding to your critics look at their social graph. Their context is as important as their comments.
  4. Social Media Tip: Nothing happens until someone tweets something.
  5. Social Media Tip: Titles that help you lose credibility in social media: certified, guru, ninja, rockstar, expert #behumble
  6. Social Media Tip: Stay curious and you will stay current.
  7. Social Media Tip: engagement starts with genuine sincere empathy and intent
  8. Social Media Tip: Listening is not enough. Responding is not enough. Adding value constantly builds your brand.
  9. Social Media Tip: Have an integrated marketing plan that includes social media. All media work better augmented.
  10. Social Media Tip: Commit to your brand, it’s a promise. Constant changing and redirection confuses your customers.
  11. Social Media Tip: It only takes two to make a tribe, and it takes a whole tribe to make a leader.
  12. Social Media Tip: Only the community can ordain us a leader. Titles like Expert, Thought Leader or Guru aren’t ones we give ourselves.
  13. Social Media Tip: evolving with your market is key, but growth can also be painful and challenging. Be prepared.
  14. Social Media Tip: Being transparent has it’s downsides, make sure you can walk your talk. You’re always on stage.
  15. Social Media Tip: Leadership is about vision and influence. Those with a vision bigger than themselves will have the most influence.
  16. Social Media Tip: You dont have to like or use every tool to be successful.
  17. Social Media Tip: Invest in training all of your staff in social media tools and principles. Social media belongs to everyone
  18. Social Media Tip: Observe expected etiquette as you move between groups or discussions…even on the same network.
  19. Social Media Tip: Leadership is also not about followers. Leadership is about influence, trust, and action.
  • Dec 28 / 2010
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social media, social media podcast, social media tips, social media training

11 Social Media Tips in 140 Characters or Fewer

I tweet social media tips on a regular basis. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or for those who missed some of my tips this week, here are 11 tips on social media (if you have any to share please post them below):

  1. Social Media Tip: Focus on what you love and those who love the content you create.
  2. Social Media Tip: A single tweet may not create a best friend but it’s a doorway to many new relationships.
  3. Guerrilla Social Media Tip: Nano-marketing is not just about hyper-segmentation – it’s the process of developing intimacy with people.
  4. Social Media Tip: Social media monitoring isn’t for keeping score it’s for deepening engagement. #scrm
  5. Social Media Tip: Social media monitoring allows you to have the right conversation with the right person at the right time. #scrm
  6. Social Media Tip: Engagement is great BUT sustained engagement will maximize ROI.
  7. Social Media Tip: Being the signal not the noise also means with more attention you will have more critics. It’s a sign of success.
  8. Social Media Tip: Your blog is for both creating and aggregating content and conversations. It’s part of an ecosystem.
  9. Social Media Tip: While marketing online creates profits, leadership can create legacy. Think short and long-term.
  10. Social Media Tip: Mobile and location based tools are growing in importance and effectiveness. Invest in learning about them.
  11. Social Media Tip: When writing your 2011 business plan see social media as part of the mix – there are applications in most departments.
  • Dec 08 / 2010
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Interview with Bruce Philp author of the new book Consumer Republic

Today I had the opportunity to interview Bruce Philp author of The Orange Code and the soon to be released book Consumer Republic. We had a great discussion about the power of the consumer and our ability to vote with our pocketbooks.

Here’s what the book site says about the book:

Consumer Republic
Using brands to get what you want, make corporations behave, and maybe even save the world.

Consumer Republic is premised on the uncomfortable truth that brands give consumers power over the marketplace that is essentially political. Brands make corporations accountable for their actions and, especially now, they give those corporations something valuable to lose if they fail us. Consumer Republic faces consumers with that power, explains how we got it, and then shows how the choices we make at the cash register can change our own lives, the way that corporations go to market and, ultimately, our entire way of life. Just as an engaged citizen is essential to an effective democracy, so an engaged consumer is the key to a sustainable free market, says Consumer Republic. My new book is a challenge to all of us who consume to vote with our money… and to marketers to be ready for a future in which they will face their customers eye to eye.



  • Dec 06 / 2010
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Should you let your sales team publish content using social media?

Today’s podcast answers the question “Should you let your sales team publish content using social media?” I cover 5 reasons sales professionals should not be publishing content on social media and 13 reasons they should be. Here’s a brief summary of what is covered:

5 reasons why you should not let your sales team publish content using social media:

  1. You have hired idiots – even if you trained them they would just be motivated idiots.
  2. You have so much profitable business that you couldn’t handle any more
  3. Your product really sucks
  4. Your company and culture really suck
  5. You haven’t or will not equip them with
    – The rules of engagement and a social media policy
    – Training in the tools of engagement
    – Accountability in place – once engaged it’s game on – have a framework support and accountability.

10 reasons why you should let your sales team publish content using social media:

  1. “It’s not marketing it’s talking to customers” – Scott Stratten of UnMarketing
  2. It adds to value added frequency
  3. It opens up new channels
  4. It can save time
  5. Load balance your branding
  6. Social CRM is the next big thing – are you cruising or are you road kill (Social CRM Podcast)
  7. Immediate data instead of compiled and stale data
  8. It makes them almost as smart as your customer
  9. You can see the activity
  10. It builds a passive pipeline and makes projections easier “If you’re talking to unqualified prospects it’s not a sales problem, it’s a marketing problem” – Zero Rejection Prospecting (Michael J Durkin and Norbert Orlewicz)
  11. It builds a fence around the customer
  12. It creates joy
  13. It elevates sales people above pitch artist to trusted advisor
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