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19 Social Media Tips in 140 Characters or Fewer

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19 Social Media Tips in 140 Characters or Fewer

I just used this site called Tweet Scan to download all of my Twitter posts since I got onto Twitter. Truth be told — it only was able to recover a portion. Within it though I was able to dig up from my archive some social media tips that I have tweeted over the past year. I will share more over the next couple of weeks but here’s 19 social media tips:

  1. Social Media Tip: You can tweet until you are blue in the face – until you develop intimacy you’re not maximizing your ROI
  2. Sales and Social Media Tip: sales and social media are not longer two separate processes or activities.
  3. Social Media Tip: Before responding to your critics look at their social graph. Their context is as important as their comments.
  4. Social Media Tip: Nothing happens until someone tweets something.
  5. Social Media Tip: Titles that help you lose credibility in social media: certified, guru, ninja, rockstar, expert #behumble
  6. Social Media Tip: Stay curious and you will stay current.
  7. Social Media Tip: engagement starts with genuine sincere empathy and intent
  8. Social Media Tip: Listening is not enough. Responding is not enough. Adding value constantly builds your brand.
  9. Social Media Tip: Have an integrated marketing plan that includes social media. All media work better augmented.
  10. Social Media Tip: Commit to your brand, it’s a promise. Constant changing and redirection confuses your customers.
  11. Social Media Tip: It only takes two to make a tribe, and it takes a whole tribe to make a leader.
  12. Social Media Tip: Only the community can ordain us a leader. Titles like Expert, Thought Leader or Guru aren’t ones we give ourselves.
  13. Social Media Tip: evolving with your market is key, but growth can also be painful and challenging. Be prepared.
  14. Social Media Tip: Being transparent has it’s downsides, make sure you can walk your talk. You’re always on stage.
  15. Social Media Tip: Leadership is about vision and influence. Those with a vision bigger than themselves will have the most influence.
  16. Social Media Tip: You dont have to like or use every tool to be successful.
  17. Social Media Tip: Invest in training all of your staff in social media tools and principles. Social media belongs to everyone
  18. Social Media Tip: Observe expected etiquette as you move between groups or discussions…even on the same network.
  19. Social Media Tip: Leadership is also not about followers. Leadership is about influence, trust, and action.
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