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My Top 12 Social Media Blog Posts for 2010 according to Postrank (@postrank)

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My Top 12 Social Media Blog Posts for 2010 according to Postrank (@postrank)

Following are my most engaging blog posts according to Post Rank Analytics. They measure on-site and off site responses, votes, comments and links to each post and then rank the post. Having the Post Rank plugin installed into this blog made finding the posts that my readers have found most engaging easy. Thanks to everyone who has dropped by the blog, commented and shared my tips, strategies and podcasts. Here are the top 12 posts:

  1. Social Media Calendar Sample Template (podcast, pdf and doc download)
  2. Rules for Ford Social Media Engagement are Simple and Clear
  3. What is Different About Guerrilla Social Media Marketing?
  4. Sales and Social Media – Should You Let Your Sales Team Post Content Using Social Media? (podcast)
  5. Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secret #19 –  Implement (Video)
  6. 10 Best Practices for Social Media in Social Causes
  7. Why Social Media in the C-Suite is Vital
  8. How the World’s #1 Online Building Supply Company Uses Social Media
  9. 12 Social Media Tips <140 Characters
  10. Guerrilla Social Media Marketing – Traditional Sites versus Social Sites
  11. Podcast – Helping Sales People Get Smarter with Digital Assistants and Technology (podcast)
  12. 12 Social Media Tips Under 140 Characters (pt 2)

Thanks for all of your support in 2010. I’m looking forward to what 2011 has in store for the social media space.

PostRank Topblogs 2009 – #101 in Social Media

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