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Guy Kawasaki Podcast Interview on Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki Enchantment
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Guy Kawasaki Podcast Interview on Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki Enchantment

I first met Guy Kawasaki at an Olympic Tweetup here in Vancouver a little over a year. My co-author Jay Conrad Levinson had already filled me in on Guy, and Jay may have even used the word “enchanting” when he described Guy. He seems to arrive and light up a room and make everyone around him feel at ease, when guy speaks about marketing and leadership business leaders listen. When Guerrilla Social Media Marketing was being written Guy was #1 on our list as the person to write the foreword, and we were absolutely honored to have him do so. He is a true guerrilla marketer and his use of Twitter and the creation of his site Alltop.com make him a social media thought leader and innovator. He also is an Apple Fellow and the driving force behind the creation of the Apple Fanboy many decades ago (a movement which is still in full force).

When Guy’s book Enchantment was being released I responded to Guy’s announcement and asked him to do a podcast interview. In the interview we discuss:

  • Enchanting brands
  • Social media marketing
  • Enchanting today’s worker
  • How to resist enchantment
  • and the difference between enchanting brands like Apple and Zappos and mainstream run-of-the-mill brands

Below is an “Enchantment Info Graphic” to accompany the podcast:


Enchantment Infographic

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