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Social Media Department versus a Socialized Business?

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Social Media Department versus a Socialized Business?

As organizations push into the social media space many will start with a social media position, others will have a social media department within their company. This is a great initial step but there are pitfalls and down-sides to seeing social as separate from other business activities. Today’s podcast (direct download here) talks about the whether or not we should have dedicated social media silos or fully social companies.

In my opinion your end goal must be to fully socialize most of your departments from HR to sales, marketing and even the senior executives in the company. What are your thoughts?

  • Shane I understand in the future with web 3.0 everyone will need to me connected socially through the web for true real-time to take place, but with so many companies still trying to establish themselves in social media I’d say most companies still need a department, an employee or at least a consultant to focus solely on social media.

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