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#CanucksRiot, Social Media and Crowsourced Policing

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#CanucksRiot, Social Media and Crowsourced Policing

My friend and associate Kemp Edmonds who heads up Hootsuite University asked me an interesting question at a barbeque last weekend. He asked me what I thought about the crowdsourced policing that had occurred during the Vancouver Canucks Riot last week. I personally see it as a fact of life. Anything you do can end up on the internet and then on CBC or CNN or BBC — in seconds. The question of “should we be monitoring” each other is a tough one. The same people who think that citizens shouldn’t be monitoring each other are the same people who cry foul when a police officer objects to being recorded by a passerby’s cell phone camera during an arrest. Corporate accountability, the move toward open government, and citizen journalism (Even Yelp) has put us all under a microscope. Have a listen to today’s podcast and let me know your thoughts on the issue. Here’s the gist of my opinion:

If you don’t want it on the internet – DON’T DO IT – and if you do it and it ends up on the internet it’s not the crowd’s fault or the the social media communities fault — the responsibility is yours. This goes for executives, public figures and teenagers at a riot. We are humble today or we will be humbled tomorrow.

What are your thoughts?

  • Kitch

    A lot of people didn’t move out of the downtown core because they wanted to record the events — I think it probably added to the difficulties for police to perform their jobs.  

    I still question why folks decided to stand around and capture photos and videos, did they not think it would be covered on TV?  Did they want to expose the Rioters? Did they want the media to purchase their photos and videos?  

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