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11 Social Media Trends for 2012

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11 Social Media Trends for 2012

Today’s podcast is on 11 Social Media Trends for 2012. Here’s the outline for my podcast – I would love your feedback and thoughts:

 Key trends

  1. How not if
  2. TV on everything and social on everything (Major adjustments for broadband providers will need to be made to keep pace with this multi-screen universe)
  3. Location based marketing will continue to grow
  4. Social cultures will evolve out of social use
  5. Social CRM will move mainstream
  6. India is rising
  7. A return to engagement
  8. Rewards versus contests
  9. Filters will dampen the noise
  10. Social networks will become more fluid and mobile
  11. Corporate social intranets

Potential pitfalls

  1. App overload
  2. Lack of conversation management
  3. No policy, training or identity management
  4. Lack of true internal social culture
  5. Domestic focus and culture
  6. Competitors get better at local, mobile and intimacy
  7. No follow-up after the contests (see engagement)
  8. Hard push back for no engagement
  • Interesting hearing about India. Any idea how much this will shape social media trends in north america?

    • Anonymous


      Just like the present outsourcing movement we will see a lot of the left brain activities (process orientated and easily duplicated) move to India. As organizations and individuals get more savvy from a strategic perspective Indian businesses will become global players in social commerce. North Americans can’t coast through the next couple years if they want to compete and stay ahead of India. They are well educated, tech savvy and hard working.

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