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10 Corporate Social Media Myths Dispelled

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10 Corporate Social Media Myths Dispelled

Today’s podcast is about 10 social media myths that are commonplace in the companies and organizations that we work with at Socialized! Agency. Many of these misconceptions stop organizations from truly realizing the potential of social media (or even starting). Below I have listed the myths. Have a listen to the podcast and let me know what you think.

10 corporate social media myths

  • Welterk

    Hi Shane, it’s about time someone debunks the myths of Social Media.
    I run into this every day….”I refuse to do Facebook, or social media” and people list these reasons! 

    It’s like when we got on line banking and I remember the people I was working with at the time, “terrified”…they could not think of trusting a computer to do their banking….

    There’s so much we can do to improve the perception of social media, and I think it starts with being really present in what we put into the forum. It’s a hugely unifying, global connection. It brings people together, it shares information instantly, and even in times of huge crisis, as in Egypt, people can get help, get information.

    It’s a process of time and usage, and of the evolution of the applications themselves.

    Your comments are great! Seriously I hear them a lot!
    Thanks for posting, Kathy

  • Tricky topic. I would add that if a company does not get behind it, it will be a failure. I would also add that with all the noise, a company has to be really loud or provide invaluable information. Good is not good enough any more. 

  • I’m so glad that someone has finally started to dispel the negativity surrounding social media!! Its really useful, and I agree with Trey that the company needs to get behind the concept too. 
    Also really I enjoyed your podcast, it gives your concept more depth when i can hear you talking to me about it.  

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