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Monthly Archives / April 2013

  • Apr 25 / 2013
  • Comments Off on This Week’s Top Tweeted Guerrilla and Ambient Marketing Pictures
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This Week’s Top Tweeted Guerrilla and Ambient Marketing Pictures

Guerrilla Marketing as Jay Levinson and I discussed in our book Guerrilla Social Media is defined as achieving conventional marketing goals by unconventional means. Ambient marketing is a spin-off of Guerrilla Marketing – you may spend the same dollars but it involves morphing the media and blending the environment and community blurring the lines between ad and viewer making them active participants in in the marketing activity. A couple of these photos may offend… but remember guerrilla marketing focuses on human emotions and depends upon them to take action.

8 Awesome Ambient and Guerrilla Marketing Pictures From Twitter

Here are a selection of the most popular Guerrilla and Ambient marketing tactics shared on Twitter over the past few days.

Storified by Shane Gibson· Thu, Apr 25 2013 09:39:04

Bestial marketing de guerrilla. ‘Clases de Golf para principiantes’. pic.twitter.com/0POsLmloCIBuena Publicidad
Márketing de guerrilla: Hotwheels @Buenapublicidad pic.twitter.com/d0I3A5ati2PublicistaEnfurecido
#G322 section B – Guerrilla marketing example in Liverpool outside Fact for new game. Lotta spray paint. pic.twitter.com/FSHvSD4c5wHowie
Creatività che impressiona…#Guerrilla #Marketing! #creativita #advertising #guerrillamarketing #sapevatelo pic.twitter.com/qgUiIYJ6xSRaffaello D’Accolti
Genial marketing de guerrilla de la película ‘Un buen día para morir’. pic.twitter.com/AS47Rr0pQ6VILOART
See @haannB Dior’s ((guerrilla marketing)) …#marketing. pic.twitter.com/mjFNAdObjH?????????????
I think this man is not by chance chosen for this picture.. Guerrilla MarketingFound at on.fb.me/16hDset pic.twitter.com/2rKSdBfqPSRob Oostdam
Ambient #marketing: ¡Las paradas de autobús también pueden ser divertidas! Fotos: marcandotendencia.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/amb… #publicidad pic.twitter.com/D9WAUh1GWPTeresa Gorospe

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