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Using Thought Leadership to Fill Your Social Sales Funnel #Podcast

Social Selling Funnel Sales Process
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Using Thought Leadership to Fill Your Social Sales Funnel #Podcast

Today’s sales funnel and sales process has changed. Sales for many of us is now more about getting buy-in versus pitching our wares. This 15 minute sales and social selling podcast introduces the new sales funnel “The 5 Stages of Consent” and also dives into how content creation is not enough to get noticed – you need to have a thought leadership strategy to truly fill the new sales funnel.

The success strategies covered in this sales podcast include:

  • How to move your prospects from “hello” to permission to sell
  • How to establish yourself as a thought leader
  • The role content curation and creation play in sales success
  • Why content is king and connection is queen

Click the images below to enlarge the Social Selling Infographics:

The 5 Stages of Consent (The Social Sales Funnel)

Social Selling Funnel Sales Process

Thought Leadership in Social Selling Venn Diagram

Thought leadership venn diagram infographic

  • Shane: I found your post via BizSugar. May I use your “social sales funnel” and “though leadership” images in my upcoming talk on social selling at an event on November 21?

    • Hi Martin! Thanks for asking – yes you can. Providing you of course give attribution to the models. A simple mention of me and closingbigger.net is fine! I’m really glad that you find the model useful. Have a great day!

      • Shane: Thank you very much!

        I will publish the presentation on Haiku Deck on November 21.

        All the Best,


  • Teri Smyth

    Really enjoyed listening to your podcast Shane. Very simple explanations on thought leadership

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