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  • Jan 26 / 2014
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The Social Sales Podcast

Social Media Podcast Sales Podcast

I have been podcasting on sales, leadership, social media, and digital marketing since 2005. These podcasts range from 9 to 45 minutes in length. They’re an eclectic mix of sales best practices, how-to’s and interviews with thought leaders like Danny Brown and Guy Kawasaki. I have done at least 150 podcasts but only the latest ones show up on iTunes. So I thought I would give you a few quick links of you felt like digging into my archives.

Here’s some quick podcast links for you:

To listen to my social media and sales podcast on iTunes

28 Days to Better Selling series (note: this was produced a number of years ago)

Social Media Podcast Archives

Closing Bigger Sales Podcast Archives



  • May 03 / 2009
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Top Sales Blogs and Top Sales Podcasts This Week

This week has been an awesome week.  I did two blog entries while I was away in Chile which was half of my usual volume compared to the previous few weeks.  The most memorable one was the interview I did with Jay Levinson father of the Guerrilla Marketing movement.  With that said the world of sales blogging and sales podcasts has churned forward regardless. Many of my peers and friends have posted some great new tips and content that I would like to share with you.

Shamus Brown did a blog post called “Your Prospects are Human Lie Detectors.” It’s amazing that in this era of extreme transparency that sales professionals and business people still are missing this core lesson.

Simone Blum urged us to be Un Reasonable when it comes to business decisions and launching a new idea or product.

Alan Majer provided a great list of 21 things we can do to succeed in a carreer in selling.

The guys at Sales Roundup put together a good sales podcast on finding and prepping for a sales job.

The guys at the Advanced Selling Podcast did a great podcast on The Rules Tools and Attitudes needed to put more prospects into the sales funnel.

Brad Trnavsky at the Sales Bloggers Union did a good sales blog entry on The Primary Role of a Sales Manager.

Skip Anderson in his Selling to Consumers Podcast talked about the Essence of Selling. It’s all about helping the client make a decision according to Skip.

Lastly I found this sales cartoon from Count5.com and it reminded me of at least half of the sales people that call my office daily. Anyone else suffering from the same?

  • Apr 15 / 2009
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Sales Podcast – 5 Easy Ways to Boost Sales and Motivation Now

Today’s podcast is about applying 5 easy steps to increase the momentum in your business or sales process.  If you have been going through the motions or not feeling motivated today’s podcast will hopefully give you a boost.

  • Apr 08 / 2009
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Sales Podcast – 10 Ways to Avoid Cold Calling

Today’s sales podcast is focused on 10 ways to avoid cold calling. In the sales podcast I will cover 10 ways to avoid cold calling. Here’s the list:

  1. Become a constant prospector
  2. Attend industry events twice a week
  3. Blog everyday about solutions to client pains
  4. Make new connections using Twitter
  5. Ask for introductions through Linkedin
  6. Share your ideal client profile with your entire network in the form of a distributed case study
  7. Inform clients you’re looking for new business
  8. Offer referral fees to non-competitive service or product supplier
  9. Be newsworthy or launch a press release
  10. Use seminar and webinar selling
  11. (Bonus) Become a subject matter expert

Here’s today’s sales podcast on the topic:

sales podcast in itunes on mentors and coaching

  • Mar 18 / 2009
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Sales Podcast Transactional vs Relationship Focused Selling

Today’s podcast comes from a question submitted to me by Dave Macdonald via twitter (@davemacdonald).  Here’s what he asked: “What are some sound strategies to ensure that positive or negative momentum doesn’t result in purely transactional behaviour?”

Twitter for Sales

It’s an interesting question. Falling into being transactional when things are going well or when things are not going well is a bad long term sales and business strategy.  Non-transactional selling is relationship based, focused, purposeful and customized for your client and market. I answered his question via podcast. If you have a sales question you want answered follow me on Twitter.

Here’s today’s podcast:

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