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  • Apr 25 / 2013
  • Comments Off on This Week’s Top Tweeted Guerrilla and Ambient Marketing Pictures
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This Week’s Top Tweeted Guerrilla and Ambient Marketing Pictures

Guerrilla Marketing as Jay Levinson and I discussed in our book Guerrilla Social Media is defined as achieving conventional marketing goals by unconventional means. Ambient marketing is a spin-off of Guerrilla Marketing – you may spend the same dollars but it involves morphing the media and blending the environment and community blurring the lines between ad and viewer making them active participants in in the marketing activity. A couple of these photos may offend… but remember guerrilla marketing focuses on human emotions and depends upon them to take action.

8 Awesome Ambient and Guerrilla Marketing Pictures From Twitter

Here are a selection of the most popular Guerrilla and Ambient marketing tactics shared on Twitter over the past few days.

Storified by Shane Gibson· Thu, Apr 25 2013 09:39:04

Bestial marketing de guerrilla. ‘Clases de Golf para principiantes’. pic.twitter.com/0POsLmloCIBuena Publicidad
Márketing de guerrilla: Hotwheels @Buenapublicidad pic.twitter.com/d0I3A5ati2PublicistaEnfurecido
#G322 section B – Guerrilla marketing example in Liverpool outside Fact for new game. Lotta spray paint. pic.twitter.com/FSHvSD4c5wHowie
Creatività che impressiona…#Guerrilla #Marketing! #creativita #advertising #guerrillamarketing #sapevatelo pic.twitter.com/qgUiIYJ6xSRaffaello D’Accolti
Genial marketing de guerrilla de la película ‘Un buen día para morir’. pic.twitter.com/AS47Rr0pQ6VILOART
See @haannB Dior’s ((guerrilla marketing)) …#marketing. pic.twitter.com/mjFNAdObjH?????????????
I think this man is not by chance chosen for this picture.. Guerrilla MarketingFound at on.fb.me/16hDset pic.twitter.com/2rKSdBfqPSRob Oostdam
Ambient #marketing: ¡Las paradas de autobús también pueden ser divertidas! Fotos: marcandotendencia.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/amb… #publicidad pic.twitter.com/D9WAUh1GWPTeresa Gorospe

  • Jan 03 / 2013
  • Comments Off on Become a Certified Sales Professional Langara College Online Course
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Become a Certified Sales Professional Langara College Online Course

I wanted to personally introduce you to a program that can immediately help you boost your company revenues and personal career. It’s said that nothing happens until someone sells something. We teach a lot of companies how to use social media to build brand, community and drive leads to that business… but someone still needs to know how to sell to turn that into revenues.

Working with Langara College, international speaker Bill Gibson of Knowledge Brokers (South Africa) and our team here at Socialized we have put together the ultimate sales training program for new sales professionals and professionals that want to add a revenue generating toolkit to their repertoire. The methodologies in this program have been successfully used and implemented by major sales organizations including BMW, ABSA Bank, Gestetner, Vodacom, Siemens and Ford to name a few.

Here’s a quick video we shot where Shane Gibson (me) facilitator of the program  walks you through what you will learn.



Our next program starts soon and here are the dates:

Successful Selling Strategies 
(50203) Jan. 14, 2013

Persuasion, Communication & Relationship Building
(50204) Feb. 12, 2013

Motivation, Closing & Keeping Clients
(50205) Mar. 11, 2013

Sales & Planning Toolkit
(50206) Apr. 8, 2013

Each course is 18 hours in duration held over a six week period and consists of weekly reading, presentations, group discussions and live webinars. If participants can’t make the date and time of the live-webinar there will be an opportunity to watch a recorded version. All courses have testing built-in and each participant must have a passing grade in all courses to be eligible for the certificate.

This certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed all four online courses below.
  1. Successful Selling Strategies
  2. Persuasion, Communication & Relationship Building 
  3. Motivation, Closing & Keeping Clients
  4. Sales & Planning Toolkit
Students will have access to their course on the first day using the Blackboard learning system. For course descriptions of our offerings at Langara College this term, please click HERE  and then on the orange Course Title. Please note that the CRN is the course number forregistration.  If you have any questions at all, please email Lynn atlkitchen@langara.bc.ca


  • Nov 13 / 2012
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Why Community is Still Number One in Social Media Marketing

Community building and social media marketing

Community in social media is still number one. I posted the following tweet a couple days ago on Twitter and it received quite a bit of feedback and a few retweets:

Social Media Tip: social media scales through community, community grows by relationship building. Focus on people.

I then realized that I needed to expand on the topic. Here’s the basic outline of what I cover in todays podcast:

  1. Why community is vital if you want to leverage your social media marketing efforts and get your content and marketing to expand well beyond your own sphere of influence.
  2. Relationships build community, numbers alone don’t make a community. People who have an emotional connection with you and your brand are more likely to share your content and interact with you.
  3. Focus on people, even PR has changed. Bloggers and community influencers have now become gatekeepers of communities and your content won’t flow into those communities until you connect with those gatekeepers.



  • Oct 23 / 2012
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6 Reasons You’re Silently Failing in Social Media

social media facebook fail failures

Most social media failures aren’t big public train-wrecks on the internet. They’re silent failures, people and brands that never rise above the noise and get noticed. Today’s podcast focuses on 6 reasons you may be silently failing and what you can do to turn things around.

The 6 Reasons You’re Silently Failing in Social Media:

1)  Your content strategy is too safe

2)  Your reach is minimal

3)  Your conversation strategy is weak

4)  The right people don’t know who you are or they don’t care

5)  You have no social media plan

6)  You’re not integrating social media

  • Oct 08 / 2012
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7 Steps to Building a Social Business

I have been a little too busy over the past 3 months. 20 seminars and training sessions, a half-dozen new clients for our social media agency and of course family time! I have a number of new podcasts in the que for you over the next 60 days but I thought I would re-ignite my blogging efforts by sharing a new video I just posted called “7 Steps to building a Social Business.” Also you can also check out our Socialized! Agency Blog for new and breaking news on the social media space. Enjoy!

Also Consider Gannon University Online MBA Programs as another way to build success in the business world. Before you get social a business foundation really helps.

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