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  • Jul 26 / 2008
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Blogathon Post 14 – Sales Blog Entry

“When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find
a way to get it.”

– Jim Rohn:

This quote albeit brief says a lot.  Fred Shadian a good friend and mentor of mine has told many many times that 90% of achieving a goal is knowing why we’re doing it.  Too often I see people half way to their goal and they cool off, coast or just plain quit.  Other people with less talent, ability and charisma pass by them and claim the prize.

Knowing why is about creating a burning desire, a passion that cannot be subdued.  The flame of desire needs to be stoked with personal dialogue and constant visualization to stay alive.

When I talk about dialogue, what I am referring to are the questions we ask our self.  After setting a goal (or dusting off an old one) it’s important to ask ourself the following questions:

  1. If I follow-through on this goal how will achieving it impact my finances, family life, health, spirituality in the next 3 months? 12 months? 3 years? and 5 years?
  2. If I don’t follow-through on this commitment to myself how will it impact my finances, family life, health, spirituality in the next 3 months? 12 months? 3 years? and 5 years?
  3. What is the price I need to pay to achieve this goal?
  4. What is the price I will pay for not working toward this goal?

Questions like this create leverage, they bring home the reality that our daily activities shape our long-term happiness and well being.  The leverage and positive pressure that desire puts on us also helps us tap into resources and capabilities that we rarely use when we are just coasting along.  Make a habit everyday of asking yourself these four questions about your major life goals and your daily disciplines. It creates a level of awareness, focus and intensity that few people possess.

This is blogathon entry number 14 for the MSMF Blogathon. Visit this page to learn how you can support this cause.

  • Jul 26 / 2008
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Short on Cash? Think Partnership

Entrepreneurs often have visions much larger than their bank account balances.  One way to deal with this challenge is to align ourselves with joint venture partners that can increase our capactity without draining our cash flow.  Bill Gibson has sent me another sales tip for my 24 hour blogathon and this one is on the power of joint ventures.

“Find a short or long-term strategic partner with the resources that offset the need for investment. A great idea for a concept, product, service or a business that requires specific expertise is often held back by the lack of it, or enough money to hire someone with such expertise. However, there are ways to get around these obstacles.

Scott, a young Johannesburg entrepreneur, investigated suppliers of a high-precision grinding machine, used for the highly specialised grinding down of high-tolerance material. During his search, he found an owner who was a partly retired engineer and who was not using his grinding machine. Scott and an associate entered into an agreement that gave them one year to generate revenue with the machine. If successful, they would buy the machine by paying an agreed monthly amount.

They launched their business this way. Without this deal, they could never have raised the money to buy the machine in their first year of operations. Another option would have been to give the owner of the grinder a share of the business. Then Scott could have avoided paying for the machine entirely. The advantage to this approach is that you may be able to go to market much faster than you would if you were waiting until you were able to raise the capital to build your product or open your business. In the case of the grinder, Scott gained valuable equipment, but you can also gain expertise that is needed – not just hired expertise, but expertise with a stake in the business. A strategic partner who has suitable expertise may be exactly what you need, provided you are able to work with this person.

At the onset, negotiate a reasonable buy-out option, so that eventually you can be the full owner of your business or concept. It does not mean that you are compelled to buy your partner out – it just gives you the option. Your investor may be more valuable to you as a long-term business partner. You could also negotiate a ceiling amount – the partner is automatically bought out once this amount is paid out. This figure would have to take into account a mutually determined base value of the investment in services, support, overheads and expertise. You may need a third party to help with this. Be sure not to give away too much in the beginning. Expertise is not the only resource you may need. Under certain circumstances, it could be in your interest to open a small business via a large company that allows you to use unused machines. In turn, they could either receive revenue, a percentage of the business or both. Resources cost money. You can trade either shared revenue or equity for the resources. However, remember that equity, once traded, may be gone forever.”

  • Jul 26 / 2008
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Board Bootcamp – Big Impact for Your Small Business

On Monday I will be on a panel for the Vancouver Board of Trade speaking on “Big Impact for Your Small Business.”  It will be moderated by Paul Harris, Publisher of Business in Vancouver and Editorial Director for BC Operations, Glacier Media Group and my fellow panelists are Stephen Jagger of Reachd.com / Ubertor.com and Norman Stowe, Managing Partner, Pace Group.

Stephen Jagger will be talking about using the web and technology to amplify your small business and help you move into the big leagues.

Norman Stowe will be talking about how to effectively work with the media using PR and other tools.

I will be talking about how to build personal relationships that develop depth and credibility and in turn create an endless stream of referals for sales people and entrepreneurs.

Here’s the Board’s description of the event:

In today’s business climate, a small business can position themselves strategically to compete with some of the fastest growing companies in the world.

These experts offer clear guidelines and a wealth of information on how to make a big impact with your clients, raise your company’s profile, and use the power of technology to move your business ahead.

Focus your brand, communicate effectively, fine tune your online presence and your small business will not only succeed, but make a big impact.

It will be interesting to see how we contrast and overlap with our approaches.  I know both Steve and I are big believers in using technology and the web but both of us use the tools a little differently.  Norman Stowe’s events have involved people like the Dalai Lama and Bill Clinton and will have a very global view of branding and networking.

I have a couple of extra tickets for people who are not already members of the Vancouver Board of Trade.  Drop me an e-mail (shane@kbitraining.com) this weekend with your name, telephone number and company info and I’ll hook you up (first come first serve).

  • Jul 26 / 2008
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Listening in Sales Blog Entry # 11

I took an assessment that is part of our Professional Sales Certificate program and isolated it as a free tool for sales people to personally assess their true listening skills.  Many people talk of terms like Needs Analysis, Probing Questions, Rapport Building etc but the reality is all of the processes mentioned are based upon a foundation of trust through effective listening skills.

Free Listening Skills Assessment for Sales People Click Here

I’m looking forward to your feeback on this new assessment.

This is blogathon entry number 8 for the MSMF Blogathon. Visit this page to learn how you can support this cause.

  • Jul 26 / 2008
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MSMF Society and Dr. Chandra

As you may have already seen in other blog entries the MSMF is the charity that my part of the 24 hour Blogathon is focused on supporting.( Click here to make a pledge or learn more)  As of right now I have $1045.00 of pledges in from people here in Vancouver but also people in Ontario and even Africa (Thanks Yogashini!).  Here’s a more in-depth look at the charity and it’s Canadian origins.  Please note the funds from this blogathon will go to build a library in a new school that was not yet on the drawing board when this TV News clip was put together:

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