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  • Jul 25 / 2009
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Blogathon 2009, Leadership, social media, social media training

20 Leadership Tips in 140 characters or Less

This is my 2nd blog entry today for Blogathon 2009. I’m blogging for 24 hours to raise funds for the Vancouver Food Bank. You can make a donation below.

Here are a collection of Leadership Tips that I have posted on Twitter over the past week. Enjoy!

20 Leadership tips Under 140 Characters:

1.     When giving feedback, focus on problem solving not blame.

2.     To flatten your hierarchy try getting out of your office and connecting with the frontline.

3.     Use wikis, blogs, yammer, and chat rooms to break down silos and get collaboration happening.

4.     Your organization and it’s people are a projection of the leaders’ subconscious.

5.     Consistency is the best teacher for your people. Be a consistent leader.

6.     In business self-direct teams are a myth, the buck must stop somewhere.

7.     Look happy, celebrate the journey and people will want to follow.

8.     Anger is a poison that will cloud your vision and kill the heart of your business.

9.     Be approachable or expect to be the last one to know about a problem.

10. Use a team approach to hiring to mitigate the risks of bias or blind-spots.

11. Organizational change is only welcomed openly if it’s change people want.

12. When hiring Gen Y do it efficiently and provide and ask for feedback.

13.  Invest in your people more and longer than others think is practical.

14. Believe in people and they will often even surprise themselves.

15. Be willing to be wrong, admit fault, and let others lead. It builds trust and people.

16. Changing strategy often and autocratically is a good way to demotivate your team.

17. It takes years to develop leaders. Make sure you invest in the right ones and stick with it.

18. You will feel lost and disorientated at times, this is part of innovation.

19. If you’re not afraid or uncomfortable you probably need to try something new.

20. Book time for you to recharge your battery each week. Take “me time.”

To Donate the the Vancouver Food Bank Click here or the image below. Every bit helps!

Blogathon 2009 for Vancouver Food Bank

Blogathon 2009 for Vancouver Food Bank

  • Jul 20 / 2009
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Blogathon 2009

I’m Blogging for Charity Blogathon 2009 Vancouver Food Bank

Last year I blogged for 24 hours (49 blog entries) for the MSMF foundation and raised over $1400.00 to help build school in a destitute part of rural India.

Presently there are over 140 bloggers already registered to blog for 24 hours (one blog post every 30 minutes) to raise money for the charity of their choice. We will be blogging from 6 am July 25th 2009 until 6:00 am July 26th 2009.

This year I have decided to blog for something more local. The Greater Vancouver Food bank Society.

With belts tightening due to the economic down turn globally even within affluent regions like Vancouver, BC organizations like the Food Bank are receiving significantly lower cash and food donations this year. With increased unemployment and underemployment there is actually an increased need for their services.

Here’s how you can help:

#1 A donation of any amount would be great and can be made through CanadaHelps.org

#2 A donation of $100 or more to sponsor a blog post simply donate the amount and then send me a quick e-mail or comment on my blog. I will either answer a question about social media, sales or leadership that you have, or I can write a 150 word profile of your company. In both instances there will be links back to your site or blog and your photo or logo included. (See Vancouver Board of Trade example from last year here)

#3 Drop off non-perishable goods directly at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank [map] and let me know what was dropped off.

You can see a recent article about the Blogathon here.

Thanks in advance for all of your help and support!

Shane Gibson (Follow my updates on Twitter)

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