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  • Aug 23 / 2010
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Social Media Calendar

There are many aspects to success in social media. Having a solid goal, knowing your core target market and of course monitoring social media conversations and your brand. Producing great content and engaging community are also vital. All of this has to be grounded in a solid implementation plan in order to work over the long term. A goal, great content, and community engagement are not enough to succeed using social media as a marketer, sales person or entrepreneur. We also need to ensure that we are consistent in our approach, message and community involvement.

Today’s podcast is about the importance of a social media calendar for individuals and organizations. I have also provides a social media calendar template that Jay Levinson and I developed for Guerrilla Social Media Marketing.

Have a listen, download the sample social media calendar and then let me know how it works for you.

Download the sample Social Media Calendar (WORD) and Social Media Calendar (PDF)

  • Jul 20 / 2010
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Worthy Cause: Local Man is Fundraising for New Spandex Outfit

Just kidding… but he does need skates 🙂

Ever thought of dropping everything to chase a dream?

We all would…. as long as it fit in to our busy schedules. BUT who has the time or the energy?

I was chatting with Steve Jagger, my co-author for Sociable!, and he shared the new adventure his younger brother Kevin has undertaken.

I had spoken with Kevin just a few months ago, at the time he was working for a US college media firm after putting in his dues on Bay Street as an investment banker. Turns out I was a little out of the loop.

After watching the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Kevin has decided to quit his job and attempt to compete in long track speed skating with the ultimate goal of trying to make the Canadian National Team.

Crazy right?

What makes it only slightly crazier is that Kevin has never even competed in speed skating and up until the time of writing has yet to step on Oval ice!! Talk about bold.

One thing I did not realize is speed skating is not cheap – especially when you have to commute to Calgary to compete (the ice at the Richmond Oval has been removed), hire a full time coach and get custom made skates & blades.

As a way to support himself, Kevin has started a great blog that follows his journey from the cubicle to the ice. The blog is aptly named: Long Track Long Shot (http://www.longtracklongshot.com).

If you want to support Kevin on his journey he is selling t-shirts to help raise funds to buy his first pair of custom skates. For $25 you can help Kevin and even get the t-shirts delivered by Kevin on his bike! (for those of you living in the Lower Mainland). You can order for the next 48 hours if you want to support his vision.

Here’s a video of him training:

  • Jun 10 / 2010
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Make a Wish Foundation 24 hr Online Fundraiser is Today

Anthony Caridi of KasuFunding.com met with me a month ago and shared with me a great vision. His goal was to run an online social media campaign to raise funding for the Make a Wish Foundation. Globally Make a Wish grants a child’s wish every 40 minutes. Most of these children are very ill, many of suffering from life threatening illnesses. The stories are both heart warming and gut wrenching for me. (See some recent wishes here) Being a parent and knowing the innocent bliss that most of our kids live in, it’s hard to see children live with such hard realities. I’d like to ask you to donate a small amount, the goal is not to have a few big companies cut big checks. The goal is for all of us just to donate $20 and invite a friend. Through the power of our online social networks, blogs and Twitter accounts we hope to prove that a whole bunch of little contributions by a large community can make a huge difference. Click through below to learn more:

Picture 13

  • Feb 22 / 2010
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Guy Kawasaki + Olympic Hockey Tweetup in Vancouver Holy Kaw!

It started with a tweet from Jason Baker. He had been in contact with Guy Kawasaki and Guy wanted to meet the local twitter community at a Tweetup. Guy is here in town until Sunday morning enjoying a gauntlet of Olympic Hockey. Jason contacted Stephen Jagger and I and asked if we could put something together. A Tweetup is a loosely organized meeting of people who are connected on Twitter. (Tweetup in-depth explanation here) The purpose is to take all of those virtual online connections and meet offline to cement relationships, share ideas, or in this case cheer on Team Canada. We contacted several venues and found that the Caprice on Granville would host us and our Twitterati for a Hockey celebration — but we had to bring 200 people of course. With less than a week to plan Stephen, Jason and I enlisted the help of the International Internet Marketing Association and Social Media Club Vancouver. A couple people started the idea but once the ball was rolling the community really self-organized and we easily met and exceeded the 200 person number by the first period of the Canada-Switzerland game this past Thursday.

Although we invited the world, most people were local that attended; I have never seen a Tweetup of this size in Vancouver where everyone came out to connect in person. What the Olympics has done is give us Vancouverites a reason to relax, connect more often and have more fun. What was great of course is that Canada won (sorry my Swiss friends) and Guy Kawasaki the most Tweeted about personality online showed up after the game to say hello. Over all it was a fantastic demonstration of how social media and virtual connections can create real community and real relationships. For more Tweetups in Vancouver visit “VancouverTweetup.”

Victory Goal Video (by @jlate)

O’Canada Video (by @jlate)


The Fashion Police Were Obviously Not Present

Mitch Baldwin of Social Media Club Vancouver at the Caprice

Marc McPherson @marcmcpherson from Builddirect.com

Vancouver's Social Media Community Tweeting Up for Team Canada

@jason_baker @guykawasaki @shanegibson and friends

@cybelenegris & @guykawasaki

Shane Gibson is co-author of Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down and is an active member of the Vancouver Board of Trade and Social Media Club Vancouver. Learn more about Shane at http://ShaneGibson.tel or follow him on Twitter @ShaneGibson.

  • Feb 01 / 2010
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A Big Thank-you for Helping Make the Sociable Book Launch a Huge Success!

A big thank you to all those that came out to the Sociable! Book launch party.
The event was a massive success with over 500 people through the door of the V Lounge in Yaletown.

Thanks You!


Sociable Book Launch Party Photos

Sociable Book Launch Party Photos

Have you seen the pictures from the launch party?

You can see them here – http://www.facebook.com/SociableBook

We will have a video from the event shortly, watch http://www.sociablebook.com for it!

Do you have photos you took at the party? We would love to see them, just upload them to our Facebook Fan Page


Didn’t Get A Chance To Buy Your Copy of Sociable! ??

You can buy Sociable! at:

Amazon.com – http://bit.ly/9OoplU

Hager Books – 2176 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC – 604-263-9412

Bulk Purchases –  http://www.sociablebook.com/BuyTheBook.ubr


The Sociable! Launch Party could not of happened without our sponsors.  A big thanks to:

Event Sponsor:
Amuse Consulting  – http://www.amuseconsulting.ca

Media Sponsors:
TechVibes – http://www.techvibes.com (marketing support)
6SMarketing – http://www.6SMarketing.com (marketing support)
Jeremy Lim – http://www.jeremylim.ca (photographer)
FreyBurg Media – http://www.freyburgmedia.com (video)

Cruiser Tables:
HootSuite – http://www.HootSuite.com
SplitMango – http://www.SplitMango.com
Mobio – http://www.mobioid.com/
SiTek – http://www.sitek.com
Kaerus – http://www.kaerus.ca
JustTheBill – http://www.justthebill.com

To hire Stephen and/or Shane to speak at your next conference or event please contact us at http://www.sociablebook.com

Thanks again so much for your support!!

It was a really fantastic night and we could not have done it with out you all.


Steve and Shane

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