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  • Dec 17 / 2015
  • Comments Off on Podcast Interview with Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO of Mirum India – Social Media Agency
Sanjay Mehta CEO Mirum India
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Podcast Interview with Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO of Mirum India – Social Media Agency

Sanjay Mehta CEO Mirum India

Today’s podcast is an interview with Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO of Mirum India. The digital space in India represents over 300 million connected citizens and 100 million active social media accounts. In 2012 when I was in India speaking at the World Brand Congress I met Sanjay Mehta who at the time was CEO and Co-founder of Social Wavelength. Since then they have grown to over 170 staff and were recently acquired by Mirum (becoming Mirum India).

As a social media trail blazer and digital marketing thought leader Sanjay Mehta offered a wealth of insights into social media and major trends that will impact us in 2016 and beyond. Some of the key topics covered in this podcast were:

  • The digital marketing landscape in India
  • Best practices and creative social media campaigns
  • How digital transformation can revive traditional industries
  • How social media monitoring can be used for deep insightful business intelligence

You can follow Sanjay Metha on Twitter at @sm63 or visit Mirum India here to learn more

  • Dec 05 / 2013
  • Comments Off on Tweets and Quotes in Memory of Nelson Mandela

Tweets and Quotes in Memory of Nelson Mandela

“Simunye – we are one.” Is a Zulu word and common blessing and mantra I heard over and over while living in South Africa. I lived in South Africa in 1997-1999 and traveled back and forth to there in the following years another half dozen times. My parents Bill and Beverley Gibson (originally from Nova Scotia) moved there in 1996 and now call South Africa home where my Dad does leadership and sales training for all kinds of South African organizations.

I feel privileged and blessed to have lived there during such an amazing time of transition and reconciliation.  At that time Desmond Tutu sightings were a weekly occurrence for me in Sandton. In many instances I witnessed true reconciliation and acknowledgment between people in South Africa that I have yet to see here in Canada or anywhere else I have visited in the world. Here are some great quotes by Nelson Mandela Tweeted out from around – Rest in Peace Madiba:


  • Feb 28 / 2012
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10 Corporate Social Media Myths Dispelled

Today’s podcast is about 10 social media myths that are commonplace in the companies and organizations that we work with at Socialized! Agency. Many of these misconceptions stop organizations from truly realizing the potential of social media (or even starting). Below I have listed the myths. Have a listen to the podcast and let me know what you think.

10 corporate social media myths

  • Jan 03 / 2012
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Too Many Band-aid Solutions for Systemic Problems

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.  – Albert Einstein

This is not my typical post. It consists of more questions than answers and what I really want to know is how you feel about these images.

This is today’s 24H News frontpage. It seems that what makes the headlines is not food shortages at the food bank or that we have the most chronically destitute skid row on the planet. It’s about the fact that we have an abundance of crack users and not enough crack pipes. We have a systemic problem not just and addiction problem. Paraphrasing the Einstein quote above – the people and the thinking in the system that have allowed this social disease to propagate are very unlikely to be able to solve the problem.


8 Blocks away from Canada’s poorest postal code where hundreds of HIV infected drug users live in 3rd world conditions I snapped this picture. It’s from boxing day. Seems people waiting to get into the Future Shop Boxing Day Sale felt it was okay to pile their empty cups and garbage on top of two news stands instead of (gasp) holding onto them and disposing of them in an ethical way. My hyposthesis: these consumer drones were so fixated to their big screen TV’s they couldn’t make the right decision in their trance. In addition to this… everyone else was doing it. (similar logic for the riots).

Lastly I think that this image sums it up. We should be reaching for this button more often than the “Easy Button.” Our thinking and level of personal responsibility on all fronts needs to be adjusted.  What has to change? I think as we discard our garbage while we buy new “things” and hope that big brother will take care of all of our problems we will be doomed to propagate these social sicknesses and to a greater level. The solution isn’t more money from government or more “things” – it’s a new consciousness. What has to change on a individual level to make this happen?



  • Dec 21 / 2011
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How to Hire the Right Social Media Manager the First Time

How to hire and recruit a social media manager or community manager

Hiring a social media manager, social media coordinator, chief tweeter or whatever you might call it is a challenging endeavor. There are many brands which have experienced great success and many who have also shot the foot off of their brand on the internet. Social media is not a department or a cubicle, it represents the most powerful word of mouth (or word of mouse) channels that have ever existed. Too many organizations aren’t strategic about who they hire internally or how they intend on implementing social media and integrating it into their business processes. Today’s podcast covers four major areas you need to look at (there are many more) before hiring.

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