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  • Jul 17 / 2008
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Why do I blog and podcast?

I am a bit obsessed with my podcasting, sales blogging, facebook, linkedin and optimizing my Professional Sales Academy site.  Some clients and associates ask me why I invest so much time on the web.  I’m a sales guy by trade, but over the past 36 months I have been able to create a series of sites that now drive qualified clients and connections to me.  Sure I can cold call and get to hard to reach decision makers, but what if there was a way to get them to call you?

On Reachd TV, an online video channel on internet marketing I was interviewed on how the net has helped my business.  Here’s the video:

Direct url:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKSqfbSxU6s

  • Jul 11 / 2008
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iPhone Podcasts, Marketing and PR, Sales Blog, Sales Training Video

iPhone Sales Podcast

iPhone PodcastAs Canadians line up outside of Rogers and Fido Cellular stores tonight in anticipation of the launch of the 3G iPhone from Apple I began to wonder…”What’s the next thing with blogging and podcasting?”  (To be honest it’s not really the next thing, it’s already happening thanks to a couple guys I met at a recent WordCamp).

In my opinion, (Gates, Jobs, and every iPhone user are banking on this too) delivering mobile audio blogs, video and podcasts to mobile devices is a service that has moderate demand now but is going to be huge very soon.  With that said, I wanted to get on board sooner than later.  We (JP Valdes and I) have set up this blog and podcast site using Brave New Code’s WPTouch iPhone plugin.

So What does this mean?  For all of you that are mobile sales people, entrepreneurs, marketers and like to browser the net with your iPhone or iPod Touch this blog has been set-up to detect your iPhone browser and deliver the content in an iPhone (Safari) compatible format.  No zooming or side to side scrolling necessary.

I’m looking forward to your feedback on how this works for you. Here’s our iPhone Podcasts on Sales

Some interesting links on the iPhone:

Projected iPhone Sales Numbers for July 2008 at Fortune.com

How to receive podcasts on your iPhone

Apple’s official page on iTunes and the iPhone

Apple beats iPhone and overall revenue targets July 21 2008 (BBC)

  • May 25 / 2008
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Shane Gibson on Sales Performance – Globe and Mail.com

I was invited to host a discussion on sales performance on GlobeandMail.com (Canada’s leading National newspaper). Following is an excerpt of the program:

How to boost your sales skills

Globe and Mail Update

May 23, 2008 at 1:19 PM EDT

Success in business means being able to sell. You can have the best product, or service, or staff in the market, but if you can’t convince others to believe in you, or more simply, favour your brand over the others, it will all go for nought. This is true whether your trying to get hired, win a contract, secure financing or close a deal.

It’s for that reason we’ve asked Shane Gibson, a Vancouver-based sales expert and author of Closing Bigger: The field guide to closing bigger deals to provide insights and advice on how to improve your sales skills. Mr. Gibson combines a background in sales, new entrepreneur development and leadership coaching. His clients include CMA Canada, The Ford Motor Company of Canada, UBC’s Sauder Business School, Allied Van lines, and The Toronto Board of Trade.

Mr. Gibson was online earlier to take your questions. Read more

  • Nov 14 / 2005
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Harry is Right – Sales Blog

I read an article by Harry Beckwith in one of his recent newsletters that I am subscribed to. Harry is the author of Selling the Invisible. I liked his approach (actually some of the best writing on sales I have seen in the past 5 years).

One thing he talked about was the fact that word of mouth alone is not enough. Your network just doesn’t go that far today. If you have great branding and great PR then there is no such thing for you as a cold call.

If you got a call from DEL Computers or Virgin Atlantic on the phone today would it really be a cold call? Their brands already have a built in trust factor and familiarity for you.

I share this story because I got a call from the Vancouver Cigar Company today. One of their patrons thumbed through my book and asked them to get me in touch with him. I called him this morning and found that he wanted a copy of Closing Bigger.

When I asked him what he did he said “Search Engine Optimization.” Normally I would say great and then categorize him along with the other 100 people I know who do that… but I didn’t. His company name thinkprofits.com sounded credible, familiar I had heard of them.

Initially I couldn’t put my finger on it, but then it hit me, Thinkprofits.com ran an ad in Business Edge Magazine, a full page advertorial actually. I don’t recall much about the article but I do remember the logo and the great picture of their team centered in the page. I also recall reading some great client endorsements.

As sales people we often overlook the value of good branding and PR. If you’re a one person show or tend to look at the world from a person to person perspective start thinking about opportunities to sponsor, advertise and promote your organization in the media and community. Even managing a blog can help you communicate to a broader audience and build your brand locally and globally online. That exposure can make those cold calls warm and open the door for your next big deal.

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