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  • Apr 19 / 2009
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Why writing a book in more than 90 days is not an option

Mack dropped by this blog today and made a comment about Stephen Jagger and I writing our book in 90 days. We felt is was critical that we published this new book on how social media and social networking as soon as possible.

Number one Sociable! and it’s principles are needed right now by most of our collective clients.  If we waited a year to release it, and went the traditional book publisher route we would be hypocrites for saying “the rules of business have changed but we are going to write, distribute, market and roll-out our book basically the same it has been done for years.”  So we broke a bunch of rules, and we also set some big aggressive goals that are going to create some real momentum.

Here’s what Mack had to say:

Undoubtebdly you guys are both experts, but a book in 90 days? As a consumer I am a lot less interested in the book as it seems like something rushed. For you to write three books in a year is a great achievement but as a reader I would prefer one Excellent book in a year instead of three that were quickly banged out.  Maybe my assessment is wrong, I’d love to hear why. (Original comment here)

I would side with Seth Godin on this when he said:

Blogs have eliminated the reason for most business books to exist. If you can say it in three blog posts and reach more people, then waiting a year and putting in all that effort seems sort of pointless. The chances that your effort will be rewarded with income in proportion to the time you put in are pretty low. (See the full post at Seth Godin’s Blog)

In order to create ROI for the writer and be relevant to the reader the way books are written, marketed and revised must change. Here’s my full response via video (please weigh in and add comments, I really want to know what my readers feel about this subject):

  • Apr 16 / 2009
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Social CRM The Future of Sales and Marketing?

I believe that CRM or customer relationships management software is going to be going through some major changes in the next 24 to 36 months.  Not all organizations will have a need for this change, but for those of us who will benefit from this next generation CRM it is an exciting development. Jeremiah Owyang was one of the first people I heard talk about it.

What I am talking about is real time, permission based data on clients that will have the potential to tell us everything from what time of day they are most likely to answer a twitter comment from us to what events they are attending and what brand of TV they prefer or “favorite.”

This data is available on most contacts you have if you are connected to them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin but the challenge is managing the noise and the chaos to hone in on the events, preferences, and people that matter most to your sales, networking and community building efforts.

A comment made to me on Twitter just moments after recording this podcast was:

From: @Raize604 @shanegibson it’s also more high maintenance CRM which makes me wonder if its worth it

A properly engineered and formatted Social CRM can pull all of this data for you, filter it, help you focus on a target group and tell you when specific people or groups are most responsive to what messages in what mediums.  Here’s today’s sales podcast on Social CRM:

  • Apr 14 / 2009
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Sociable! Wow we wrote the book in less than 90 days

I’m pretty fired up. Stephen Jagger and I managed to hit our goal of writing our book “Sociable!” in 90 days.  Now for our next goal which is to produce and launch it in 60 days.  That means going over it with our editor, finalizing our book cover design and approaching the three people we have narrowed down that we would like to write the foreword. One in particular I’m waiting until the editor is done before showing him the book/draft.

Sociable! Is about “How social media and social networking are turning sales and marketing up-side down.”  This book idea really began as a discussion shortly after I interviewed Stephen Jagger for my sales podcast on “Twitter and GrandCentral.com.” Then in January I shared with Steve my goal to write three more books this year and when the topic of Social Media for Sales People and Entrepreneurs came up we quickly decided that we should do it together.  We will also be sharing with our readers how we have managed to write a book in 90 days at some point in the future.

Based upon my experience and the collective experience of the team at Knowledge Brokers International we have seen sales evolve to a true profession. With that said I also feel that sales is broken, a lot of the old approaches such as cold calling or marketing at people versus engaging them are becoming less and less effective (this prompted my podcast last week on “how to avoid cold calling“).

The bare bones pre-launch website for Sociable! is up and you can sign up to hear more about upcoming seminars, events (usually involving beer and social media sales types), at the site.  We will also be selecting about a dozen people to review the book in a protected blog where you will be able to make comments and add your thoughts.  Some of those will be included in the comments section at the end of each chapter.

After spending 8 hours today finishing these Chapters off, I’m done writing for a while.


  • Apr 12 / 2009
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Top Sales Blogs and Podcasts This Week

Top Sales Blogs and PodcastsI have been spending more time seeing what my peers and friends have been up to this week.  I’m connected to a lot of them via my membership in Top Sales Experts and others through speaking at the same conferences over the past few years.  (In no particular order) Here are some good posts from the past week that you may find insightful:

Chris Maurer did a great blog post on Social Media for B2B Sales, he talked about the importance of laying out a strong strategy for your sales team to use the tools effectively.

Jonathan Farrington said it well when he said “Successful ‘closers’ know that there is no need to use magic phrases or techniques because if they’ve effectively followed the sales process, closing the sale is the next step in a logical sequence.” in his great blog post on “Closing. It’s easy if…”

Neil Godin did a great blog entry in his Marketing Dangerously blog on “May I help you?” and how he was able to help a company double their customer conversion levels by shifting the way they great customers.

Wendy Weiss did a podcast that really talked about the difference between Amateurs versus Professionals in the art of cold calling.  “Fix Your Saggy Butt!”  (I’m glad I never have been a dancer or a model, sales sounds easy after her story).

Colleen Francis blogged about the importance of CRM for sales teams of any size.  The blog was answer to a blog reader’s question. I liked Colleen’s practical logical arguement for those that may still be sitting on the CRM fence.

Stephen Jagger founder of Reachd and Ubertor posted a great video of Vic Jang speaking on the Future of Real Estate Sales.

Skip Anderson posted some straightforward but often missed sales management tips for ramping up your effectiveness in “Sales Manager, How Are You Going to Spend Your Time Today?

Ian Watt did a video blog titled “Don’t Become a Realtor for the Money, it Will Eat You Alive” (you can see all of his video blogs here). It’s great insight on loving what you do.

Another great resource for sales blogs and podcasts is the sales channel of Alltop.com

If you have any favorite posts or authors you like please share them in the comments section.

  • Apr 02 / 2009
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Sociable! By Stephen Jagger and Shane Gibson


Yesterday was the first day Stephen Jagger and I officially announced our new book Sociable! A book on how social media is turning sales and marketing up-side down.  We did a 30 minute presentation and 25 minute Q&A at the Massive Technology Show in Vancouver. (We will be in Toronto on May7th as well)  The feedback from the seminar was positive and the big question has been when is the book being released?

Based upon feedback from the publisher / printer we’re looking at early June as the soft launch of the book.  We will be announcing a series of events around the book in the coming weeks and how you can get advance copies for review.

If you want to be kept up to date on this you can get on our list here:

Contact Shane Gibson Today! Contact us!