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  • May 03 / 2009
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Top Sales Blogs and Top Sales Podcasts This Week

This week has been an awesome week.  I did two blog entries while I was away in Chile which was half of my usual volume compared to the previous few weeks.  The most memorable one was the interview I did with Jay Levinson father of the Guerrilla Marketing movement.  With that said the world of sales blogging and sales podcasts has churned forward regardless. Many of my peers and friends have posted some great new tips and content that I would like to share with you.

Shamus Brown did a blog post called “Your Prospects are Human Lie Detectors.” It’s amazing that in this era of extreme transparency that sales professionals and business people still are missing this core lesson.

Simone Blum urged us to be Un Reasonable when it comes to business decisions and launching a new idea or product.

Alan Majer provided a great list of 21 things we can do to succeed in a carreer in selling.

The guys at Sales Roundup put together a good sales podcast on finding and prepping for a sales job.

The guys at the Advanced Selling Podcast did a great podcast on The Rules Tools and Attitudes needed to put more prospects into the sales funnel.

Brad Trnavsky at the Sales Bloggers Union did a good sales blog entry on The Primary Role of a Sales Manager.

Skip Anderson in his Selling to Consumers Podcast talked about the Essence of Selling. It’s all about helping the client make a decision according to Skip.

Lastly I found this sales cartoon from Count5.com and it reminded me of at least half of the sales people that call my office daily. Anyone else suffering from the same?

  • May 02 / 2009
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Social Media Tips

These are a selection of social media tips that I have posted on Twitter over the past couple weeks. I thought I would put them all in one place for easy reference.  Please add your tips and thoughts in the comments section.

20 Social Media Tips:

  1. Focus on a specific theme in your social media for extended periods of time
  2. Your blog is your home base, all social media should feed your home base
  3. Social media is 90 % contribution and connection 10 % marketing and sales
  4. Social media belongs to the people, they get to make the rules not the marketer
  5. Have a social media policy for your company. Help your people be effective and on message
  6. Promote other people’s dreams. It builds community, loyalty and brand for you
  7. “Marketing is a process not an event”- @jaylevinson
  8. Blog, tweet and talk about solutions to people’s pains and challenges
  9. Social media tools like twitter are listening tools more than they are broadcasting tools.
  10. Nano-cast to many small niches instead of broadcasting to everyone.
  11. Learn to break up large blog entries into many smaller entries. It’s more user friendly
  12. Take time each month to update your major social media profiles, use key words that your prospects would search for
  13. Use social search like http://search.twitter.com and http://blogsearch.google.com to listen to your customers
  14. Each social network has it’s own etiquette FaceBook type behavior doesn’t work on  LinkedIn
  15. Answer people’s comments on your blog, or @ replies in Twitter. Social media leadership is about bi-directional communication.
  16. Think twice, click once.
  17. Take it off-line, book in person meetings or hold events for your online social media contacts
  18. Use an assortment of tools, it geometrically multiplies efforts
  19. Always be asking where are we going? What is the next Twitter or FaceBook going to be?
  20. Use a mixture of content on your blogs, top 10 lists, photos, video, audio, guest bloggers, and polls…

Register for updates on Sociable! Shane Gibson and Stephen Jagger’s new book to be released in June 2009.

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  • Apr 26 / 2009
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Darcy Rezac’s Networking Tip of the Week

I’m subscribed to Darcy Rezac’s (Twitter) Networking Tips. He’s author of “Work the Pond” the definitive guide to networking in business and in life.  Here’s this week’s tip:

Trucker Network. We are firm believers in the power of business cards, and the following story reaffirms why everyone in your company needs cards. Last week Darcy heard this story about a guy who owns a trucking company who decided to give all his truckers business cards. Soon, his company’s business cards were posted on truck stop cafes and gas stations across the continent. The result? A 20% increase in business! And there was another interesting thing that happened–the drivers started dressing better, looking sharper. Why would that be? These guy and gals had never been given business cards before, and if we think back to the time when we received that very first box of business cards, there was a certain feeling of pride, status and belonging. There were two wins for this owner because of his simple investment in business cards.

— Darcy, Gayle and Judy

To read a story from Work the Pond! about giving cards to everyone in your company go to: www.tiny.cc/shepa

  • Apr 20 / 2009
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Top Sales Blog and Podcast Entries of the Week

Top Sales Blogs and PodcastsThis week was a bit of a chore for me as far as devoting time to read other blogs and listen to podcasts. Stephen Jagger and I have been busy with our latest project and a lot of my time has been spent on marketing and technology orientated sites.   With that said there were several blogs that did leave an impression on me. Here’s a quick list of what I found to be notable entries on the sales blogosphere this week.

#1) This is actually a live feed of multiple sales bloggers from around the globle. The World’s Top Sales Bloggers List is a great place to discover new sales bloggers and podcast producers.

#2) Dave Kurlan put together a great sales management checklist of must have attibutes for sales leaders and managers.

#3) Kevin Eikenberry posted a good list of 5 ways to do some spring cleaning to your life.  Good tips for those needing to refocus.

#4) Paul Espinosa talked about how critical it is for organizations to get good ar hiring good sales managers in his post on “Sales Managers – The Real Role.”

#5) The guys at the Sales Roundup Sales Podcast put together a great show on “How to price what you sell.”

#6) George Petri from Symvolli posted a sales podcast on “B2B Relationships Don’t Have To Be Lost – Continuous Contact Doesn’t Mean Customer Stalking.” Great stuff on creative follow-up.

#7) Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale put together a podcast on getting to and dealing with decision makers.

#8) Rick Cooper: The Fortune Is In the Follow Up was another podcast that I enjoyed.

  • Apr 19 / 2009
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Why writing a book in more than 90 days is not an option

Mack dropped by this blog today and made a comment about Stephen Jagger and I writing our book in 90 days. We felt is was critical that we published this new book on how social media and social networking as soon as possible.

Number one Sociable! and it’s principles are needed right now by most of our collective clients.  If we waited a year to release it, and went the traditional book publisher route we would be hypocrites for saying “the rules of business have changed but we are going to write, distribute, market and roll-out our book basically the same it has been done for years.”  So we broke a bunch of rules, and we also set some big aggressive goals that are going to create some real momentum.

Here’s what Mack had to say:

Undoubtebdly you guys are both experts, but a book in 90 days? As a consumer I am a lot less interested in the book as it seems like something rushed. For you to write three books in a year is a great achievement but as a reader I would prefer one Excellent book in a year instead of three that were quickly banged out.  Maybe my assessment is wrong, I’d love to hear why. (Original comment here)

I would side with Seth Godin on this when he said:

Blogs have eliminated the reason for most business books to exist. If you can say it in three blog posts and reach more people, then waiting a year and putting in all that effort seems sort of pointless. The chances that your effort will be rewarded with income in proportion to the time you put in are pretty low. (See the full post at Seth Godin’s Blog)

In order to create ROI for the writer and be relevant to the reader the way books are written, marketed and revised must change. Here’s my full response via video (please weigh in and add comments, I really want to know what my readers feel about this subject):

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