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  • Feb 07 / 2010
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Podcast Interview: What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School – Larry Chiang

Photo Credit Terry Chay

Photo Credit Terry Chay

Today’s podcast is an interview with Larry Chang author of What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School. Larry is also a seriously Sociable! guy and can be found organizing after parties at some of the biggest social media and cultural events from South by South West to conferences at major universities across North America. In fact Larry may be the 3rd best party guy and networker I have met. (Sociable! Book Launch Party). In this interview Larry and I talk about topics you don’t learn in business school such as Man Charm, how to land a super star mentor and sales skills.

Larry’s book sold out it’s first printing on Amazon but you can register for updates at Amazon by clicking on the book below:

What They Don't Teach You at Stanford Business School

What They Don't Teach You at Stanford Business School

  • Jan 07 / 2010
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Podcast – Helping salespeople get smarter with digital assistants and technology



Today’s podcast is with sales technology thought leader John Cousineau who is President of Innovative Information the creators of Amacus.  John and I have had a number of coffee chats and debates around why and how to use technology and social media to improve sales performance and customer experience. The nexus of sales and social media seems to be happening in the CRM and Social CRM space.  The question is it happening fast enough and making things more efficient or is it just giving sales people more buttons and buzzwords to worry about.

  • Dec 07 / 2009
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Creating a Sales Culture in Your Organization

Many organizations want to create a sales culture but many also fail at doing so. Today’s podcast covers nine lessons around creating sales culture that I have learned while helping non-sales organizations create sales culture:

  1. You need buy-in
  2. It’s really about creating an opportunity culture
  3. You need to reward people, that means everyone
  4. “What gets inspected gets respected” – Trevor Greene
  5. Move poor fits out quick, and hire the right people
  6. Feed the monster – train and develop continually
  7. Fix operations if they don’t support sales
  8. Fix products and services that don’t meet needs or fulfill promises
  9. It takes time, up to 18 months or longer before true leadership evolves
  • Dec 03 / 2009
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Prospecting is a Discipline

Today’s podcast is on developing a prospecting discipline and why you need to plan it out and make it part of your sales and marketing strategy. Bullet points on the podcast:

Four Types of Prospecting:

  1. Face to Face
  2. Extended Personal
  3. Community and Network Prospecting
  4. Media Marketing/Prospecting

Make a Plan:

  1. Have the intent to meet people wherever you go, be aware and focus on rapport
  2. Book time everyday for e-mail and phone calls
  3. Book time everyday for prospecting on Linkedin and listening/monitoring the web
  4. Attend two target rich events per month and one major conference per quarter
  5. Budget a percentage of your projected income or revenues and spend it every month on media and press releases etc.

What’s your prospecting plan look like?

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  • Dec 01 / 2009
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Serendipity and Intuition are Not Random

Today’s podcast is on the connection between serendipity and discipline as well as the connection between training and intuition. I’m also going to talk about why very few people experience high levels of positive serendipity or tap into their intuition because they quit too soon. I’d love your feedback and thoughts on this topic. This applies to social media, sales, traditional marketing and even networking activities.

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