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  • Feb 26 / 2009
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Leadership in a Digital Age – Is there a Leadership 2.0?

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I’ve heard many people (including myself) talk about the fact that the rules of business have changed.  In sales and marketing this is true.

What’s interesting is that the rules of leadership are universal. Offline and online networking and building social capital follow a very similar strategy. Today’s podcast addresses this challenge and opportunity.

  • Feb 09 / 2009
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Peter Legge Video Be Bold

Last week I attended a great seminar by Peter Legge on Doing Business in Tough Times.  It was great to see a business leader like Peter echo what I have been blogging, podcasting and speaking about for the past 6 months. So many people have taken the easy route, stopped following their business plan and started following the news.  It’s all about courage and personal responsibility. This video is Canada focused but I believe it has global applications.  It was produced for the event last week.


  • Dec 15 / 2008
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Dealing with the Dark side of business criticism and failure

Shane Gibson on Critics and FansIf you’re out there taking risks as a sales professional, or you’re promoting a vision for your community, there’s a good chance you’re being criticized.  In fact the more you do often the more visible you are, and this equates to more opportunities to create opposition.

You may be a business leader that’s transforming an industry, a teacher who does things differently in the classroom, or a blogger that pours your heart out for the world to see.

Today’s podcast is about you, and how you can tackle this challenge.

– Namaste 🙂

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  • Dec 03 / 2008
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Social Media and Social Networking Training by Reachd

Stephen and Rodney From Reachd at Builddirect.com

Rodney and Stephen from Reachd Training

Last week I had the opportunity to do something I haven’t done in a while.  I had the opportunity to sit through 3 half days of training on social media and social networking facilitated by Reachd training. I asked Stephen Jagger co-founder of Reachd to meet with my client Builddirect.com and have a brief discussion with the executive team about how they go further engage their customers using social media and social networking.  After this initial discussion it was decided that Stephen Jagger and Rodney Bartlett would run a 9 hour ( 3 half days ) bootcamp with the team.  Because I’m working with the sales team I wanted to understand what they learned and how we could integrate it with the sales process.

As someone who has sat through a lot of training sessions and seminars I was impressed. The training was relevant and customized for the client. Here’s briefly what they covered:

Day 1 – Video Blogging

Although I already do some vidoe blogging this day re-inspired me to do much more of it.  In fact it opened my eyes to many other positive applications.  They covered everything from what good content is right through to how one can get massive distribution for their online video blogs.  We even watched a video of Ian Watt take his pants off on Tom Everitt’s show. Ian was named as a top 10 Real Estate Blogger by Inmann News, and I don’t think he did it by being safe 🙂

Day 2 – Twitter, Twitter and more Twitter

Great day.  Twitter is a micro-blogging and social networking / communications tool.  This day was focused on how to create valuable conversations with your clients, customer, partners and even the media using this tool.  Companies like Zappos and Comcast as examples have used Twitter to directly engage their customers online.  Mostly early adopters, thought leaders and of course chatter boxes of all types.  Steve and Rodney were great and outline clear strategies to use the tool to engage customers, increse blog traffic and offered revenue generating examples as well.

Day 3 – FaceBook for business and Blogging

FaceBook has entire blogging communities devoted to it’s mutiple uses.  In Canada in particular it has high numbers fo subcribers compared to MySpace and in the US it basically is tied in regards to the number of users.  Most people reading this have probably been on FaceBook for a year or more. So I’ll spare you “What is FaceBook” rant.  With that said Rodney shared innovative ways to use video, photos, the events function, groups and pages to engage and grow your client and fan base.

Blogging – This was a great overview of how to write to create a following and an engaged client base.  The core message was blog and blog often. Also focus on shorter posts with a single focus this also helps with search engine optimization and you don’t tend to lose the readers interest.  One other good tip was when people comment on your blogs, answer them back, even drop them a quick e-mail to let them know you replied, this stimulates levels of engagement and personalizes the interaction.

This was a very brief review (I have 9 pages of notes) from the training but it was comprehensive yet down to earth and easy to understand.

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Follow them on twitter: Jeff Booth CEO of Builddirect, Rodney and Stephen of Reachd, Builddirect.com Corporate and for Upcoming Reachd Training events

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  • Nov 26 / 2008
  • Comments Off on Ian Watt and Certified Management Accountants review of Shane Gibson Seminar
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Ian Watt and Certified Management Accountants review of Shane Gibson Seminar

In this blog entry:

  • Ian Watt of http://www.ianwatt.ca posted a video review of yesterday”s Seminar I did for the Vancouver Board of Trade on Selling and Succeeding in Turbulent Economic Times.
  • Vinetta Peek Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Certified Management Accountants shares her thoughts on the event as well.

Ian’s Video:

Shane Gibson Selling and Succeeding in Turbulent Economic Times from Ian Watt Vancouver Condo on Vimeo.

Vinetta Peek’s review of the event:

On behalf of the Certified Management Accountants of British Columbia – I wanted to let you know how pleased we were to participate and sponsor your event yesterday with the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Selling and Succeeding in Turbulent Economic Times is definitely something any company who wants to survive the upcoming Economic Storm, needs to focus on – and your presentation went into great depth as to how to focus on those positive opportunities – which will ultimately result in growth vs. decline.

In talking to some of your guests after the event, the comments were extremely positive: in the information you provided, your great sense of humour – which makes learning enjoyable, and the overall positive benefit to them attending the event.

I look forward to attending more of your seminars in the future – as I find them refreshing and relevant to the challenges businesses face each day.

Vinetta Peek, CMA (Hon.)
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

CMA Canada – British Columbia
Suite 1055, Two Bentall Centre
555 Burrard Street, Box 269
Vancouver, BC V7X 1M8

1-800-663-9646 ext. 7003 | Fax: (604) 687-6688 or 1-800-663-8715
Website: www.cmabc.com

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