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  • Apr 23 / 2014
  • Comments Off on Online Professional Sales Certification Program Launches May 5th
Shane Gibson Sales Training Vancouver
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Online Professional Sales Certification Program Launches May 5th

Professional Sales Certificate Program

On May 5th the next Professional Sales Certificate Program starts. For many of our graduates it has helped boost their company revenues and personal career in a matter of months. It’s said that nothing happens until someone sells something. We may have all kinds of great gadgets and amazing tools like Twitter and LinkedIn but someone still needs to know how to close the business.

Working with Langara College, international speaker Bill Gibson of Knowledge Brokers (South Africa) and myself (Shane Gibson) have put together the ultimate sales training program for new sales professionals and professionals that want to add a revenue generating toolkit to their repertoire. The methodologies in this program have been successfully used and implemented by major sales organizations including BMW, ABSA Bank, Gestetner, Vodacom, Siemens and Ford to name a few.

Our next program starts soon and here are the dates:

Successful Selling Strategies – 60655
May 5 – 28, 2014

Persuasion, Communication & Relationship Building – 60656
June 2 – 25, 2014

Motivation, Closing & Keeping Clients – 60657
July 7 – 30, 2014

Sales & Planning Toolkit – 60658 * Updated with brand new content on social selling
Aug. 5 – 27, 2014

Each course is 18 hours in duration held over a six week period and consists of weekly reading, presentations, group discussions and live webinars. If participants can’t make the date and time of the live-webinar there will be an opportunity to watch a recorded version. All courses have testing built-in and each participant must have a passing grade in all courses to be eligible for the certificate.

This certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed all four online courses below.
  1. Successful Selling Strategies
  2. Persuasion, Communication & Relationship Building 
  3. Motivation, Closing & Keeping Clients
  4. Sales & Planning Toolkit
Students will have access to their course on the first day using the Blackboard learning system. For course descriptions of our offerings at Langara College this term, please click HERE  and then on the orange Course Title. Please note that the CRN is the course number for registration.  If you have any questions at all, please email Lynn at lkitchen@langara.bc.ca

About your Instructor and Trainer Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson Langara College Sales Program

Shane Gibson, Author

Shane was named on Forbes.com as the 5th most influential social sales professional in the world. Shane is an international speaker, and author on social media marketing and sales who has addressed over 100,000 people on stages in North America, Southern Africa, India, Malaysia and South America. He is in high demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of social media and sales performance.

Shane is the in-house Sales Trainer for BuildDirect and also the facilitator for the Langara College Professional Sales Certificate Program.

Shane’s books include Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside Down. Closing Bigger the Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals and Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson.

Shane’s speaking and training clients that he has worked with include: Ford, CMA Canada, The Vancouver Board of Trade, Ford Motor Company, HUB International, Canaccord Financial and hundreds of entrepreneurs, individual sales people and marketers over the past 16 years. When he’s not working or tweeting you can find Shane hiking or skiing in British Columbia’s Coast Mountain range with his family.

  • Jul 14 / 2011
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Social Media Speaker Video: Going Social with CRM #SCRM 41:28

I recently delivered the keynote speaker address to CDC Software’s CRM conference in Las Vegas. This is one of the most recent social media for sales professionals talks I have done and it’ not just a promo clip. Here’s the full 41 minutes on “Going Social with CRM – How Social Media is Turning Sales Upside-down:

Here are the slides to go with the presentation:

Shane Gibson (@ShaneGibson) is a sales and social media speaker who has addressed over 100,000 people on stages on three continents over the past 15 years. He is also co-author of Guerrilla Social Media Marketing and Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down. When he’s not speaking or Tweeting he is in the social media trenches working with his clients as Chief Social Officer for Socialized! Ltd. a social media agency and training organization.

  • Jul 06 / 2011
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* Sales Podcast, Events and Seminars, Internet Marketing and SEO, Marketing and PR, Shane Gibson Bio, social media, social media podcast, social media tips, social media training

Social Media Week Vancouver Registration Get Involved!

Today’s podcast is a little different than most. It outlines the upcoming Social Media Week in Vancouver that my team and I at Socialized! are putting together (with some massive help from our community, sponsors and our advisory board). I will posting a full text outline of this as well on the Social Media Week Vancouver blog shortly. In the meantime, have a listen and if you’re anywhere near Vancouver we would really like to have you attend, sponsor or even speak.

  • Aug 29 / 2009
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Events and Seminars, Internet Marketing and SEO, Marketing and PR, Shane Gibson Bio, social media, social media podcast, social media training

Shane Gibson on Social Media for Sales Organizations

Over the past 16 years I have done a lot of speaking on stages in Canada, USA, Southern Africa and South America. In the past 36 months more and more of my speaking, training and writing has been focused on social media and how it integrates (or doesn’t) with sales process and strategy.  I have put together a 7 minute video with some excerpts from a recent seminar I did in Santiago Chile for Seminarium (and Bogota next month) on social media for sales organizations. South America has experienced a 103% growth [source www.analytics20.org] in social media from January 2007 to January 2008, this is an exciting market and the people there are eager to learn how to use social media. Here’s the video:

Shane Gibson Speaker Video

  • Aug 08 / 2009
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Events and Seminars, Internet Marketing and SEO, Marketing and PR, Shane Gibson Bio, social media, social media podcast, social media training

Social Media Marketing Colombia Interview

I’m doing a keynote seminar on Implementing and Integrating Social Media in Bogota Colombia for a marketing congress on September 28th. As a professional speaker this is one of my favorite parts of the job, getting to share my ideas and passions with people from all over the world. The seminar company’s Colombian office sent me these questions that they will be using as part of their marketing package for the event. I thought I would share them with my readers. Here it is:

Questionnaire for Colombia Newsletter

Shane Gibson Social Media Speaker

Q: How are Social Media turning traditional marketing habits around?

A: In the past we could dominate the marketplace with advertising, direct mail, and other forms of traditional media marketing. Today consumers are much more powerful marketers than companies are, with their ability to publish information to the web, they outnumber us. Their conversations about our brand, company, products and services are now “branding” us. They can blog about our company, they can share their opinion on our product on Orkut or Twitter, and they can post a Youtube video praising or condemning us.

Marketers now have to not just broadcast, they have to listen to what conversations are going on out there, and then they have to connect and interact with the marketplace in order to direct the conversations about their brand.

Today the customer owns our brand.

Update August 31 2009 (Watch a 7 minute speaker video addressing this question):

Q: Do you think these tools will replace well-known Marketing complex software such as CRM, for example? Why?

A: These tools are changing the way sales professionals and marketers interact with the marketplace. In the past we would build a database of customers in our CRM and proactively drive the sales process through constant contact. Social Listening tools that allow you to track conversations about your company or what your target market is doing are allowing marketers to pinpoint customers at the very moment they have a challenge or need for what we sell. There is also a new breed of CRM tools called Social CRM (SCRM) software that is just beginning to be available in the marketplace.

SCRM will allow you to pull in all the information about a contact, based upon permission from them (they tell you what data you will get), and your sales process will become driven by the daily activities and events in the lives of the customer. SCRM will make your database come alive with by the minute updates on what your best clients and prospects are posting on social networks and publishing in social media.

Q: What are the main benefits of including Social Media in Marketing and Sales strategies?

A: Social media success is built through a series of genuine interactions with the marketplace. The key is to create valuable content, resources, build community and connect in personalized ways with your market. Unlike traditional marketing and advertising most of the best social media tools are free. They need a time investment, and you have to train your staff to use them, but after that you can generate results with a significantly lower on-going investment financially. Also if used right, you can turn almost any staff member in your company into part of your marketing and customer service team, all they need is a Smartphone or a computer with web access. Social media expands your customer service and marketing capabilities.

Q: (Any real life examples as to how much money companies can save you can mention?)

A: My co-author Stephen Jagger (Sociable! Book Site) runs a company called Ubertor which has several thousand clients. His clients are real estate agents who use his real estate software to drive their websites. Steve was originally a client of mine. He had 10 sales people, and over a dozen other staff including computer programmers, management and support staff and a very large office. In order to service these clients he also needed a lot of telecommunications tools and phone lines.

Steve and his business partner Mike over a period of time began to replace telephone customer service with Web based Live Chat service and Twitter. He then decided to use Meetup.com to hold events with guest speakers on social media and technology use for his target market instead of sending sales people out top real-estate offices (he no longer needs salespeople). The next step was to close the office and have staff work virtually. They moved their phone system to Google Voice, which is free and use Gtalk and a tool called Yammer to communicate all day with each other. Steve’s blog and his Youtube videos are used to communicate to his clients, and post solutions to problems and information on the software updates and functionality.

The result? Significant business growth with a significant decrease in business costs. Steve is saving thousands of dollars per month in business costs, far fewer staff and has actually improved his customer experience.

Q: What are the main obstacles firms face when implementing Social Media in their Marketing and Sales strategies?

A: One of the obstacles is techno-phobia or as I call it Social Media Phobia. A lot of people don’t feel confident in experimenting or trying to use these new tools. They’re also worried about negative comments or someone using their blog or FaceBook to attack their brand. The reality is this technology is new, and we are all learning. Now is the best time to experiment and get good at social media, while your competitors are still watching on the sidelines. In addition to this, the only way we can insulate our company and brand from negative comments or competitor behavior online is to get involved in social media. Build a community of raving fans around your brand. You need to get social to win.
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