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  • May 22 / 2009
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3 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secrets

In continuing with the series from last week here are 3 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secrets inspired by the Father of Guerrilla Marketing my friend Jay Levinson:

6.    Assortment of Weapons – Use a diversity of tools. Start with a blog or highly socially enabled site. Then use and master all of the major tools.  You will identify over time which ones you have a talent for using, and which ones your market responds to best.  Today these tools may include:

•    Blogging
•    Video Podcasting (YouTube, Viddler etc.)
•    FaceBook
•    Linkedin
•    Flickr
•    Twitter
•    Forums
•    Ning.com
•    Digg
•    StumbleUpon
•    FriendFeed
•    Google Profiles
•    Tumblr
•    Ubertor (for Realtors)
•    Meetup.com

7.    Convenient “Time is money is a lie. Time is life, don’t waste their time.” –  Jay Levinson.  This is critical, don’t make people work hard to find your information or consume the great content you create.  Also don’t waste their time with 10 minute videos when you could say it in 3 minutes or even better, 3 Twitter tweets. Brevity is key in Guerilla Social Media Marketing
8.    Subsequent – Always know what’s next, don’t write an e-book, write a series of e-books. Don’t just solve one customer pain, be in search of the next big thing that can help those who are connected with you.

*Guerrilla marketing tip: If you’re looking to save money on hosting your blog or your website you may want to check out sites like Couponraja where you can get Big Rock Codes for money off of everything from hosting, to domain registration and even email hosting.

  • May 19 / 2009
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10 Tips on Doing Business in Vancouver

The Four Gregs Today’s blog post is on the lighter side. Some of my comments are in jest so please take them with a grain of salt.  The post was inspired by a series of tips I posted on Twitter and the response I got from people on Twitter.  For those of you who are new to Vancouver or plan on visiting for business here are 10 tips on doing business in Vancouver:

Tip #1: Doing business in Vancouver: Your meeting has a good chance of starting late.

Tip #2: Doing business in Vancouver: You will most likely talk about 8 non-related things before getting down to business.

Tip #3: Doing Business in Vancouver: Your meeting will most likely take place in Starbucks (via @robertaw99)

Tip #4: Doing Business in Vancouver: Your meeting may be bumped by something of little consequence until you learn Vancouver priorities (via @Bradinator)

Tip #5: Doing Business in Vancouver: Vancouverites are friendly but take time to introduce and endorse you. They take business personally.

Tip #6: Doing Business in Vancouver: Green is the new bling and being too busy is a sign of business weakness.

Tip #7: Doing Business in Vancouver: Not everyone in Vancouver is into doing business.

Tip #8: Doing Business in Vancouver: When you don’t get a call back right away don’t worry and don’t get offended. Follow-up again.

Tip #9: Doing Business in Vancouver: Everyone knows everyone, and many have done business with each other at some point. via @KontentCreative

Tip #10: Doing Business in Vancouver: It’s all about relationships and what networks you’re connected to.  Take your time getting to know who is connected to who. Join your local Board of Trade and corresponding Vancouver Linkedin and Meetup groups as a start.

  • May 15 / 2009
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3 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secrets

Last week I posted Guerrilla Social Media Marketing secrets 1,2 and 3. There are 19 Guerrilla Marketing secrets and after chatting with Jay Levinson he gave me the go ahead to share a few more. So here’s secrets 4,5 and 6 based upon my interpretation of Jay’s 19 secrets:

3.    Consistent – Don’t change your identity.  Brands, relationships, trust, and technology all take time for adoption and acceptance. Be consistent with your message and on-line social media identity.
4.    Confident – You must be confident and instill confidence in the customer.  Use social media to listen to your customers.  Jay says, “Service is anything the customer wants it to be.” Listen! He goes on to say, “Quality is what customers get out of your product. “  This is great information that can help you provide specific, on topic, brilliant solutions to your target market’s pains.
5.    Patient – Be patient. Be patient with yourself, it will take you time to master the Guerilla Marketing “Weapons of Social Media.” Be patient as you build a community online, build roots and a foundation that will be un-shakable.  Be patient with your target market, they will rush in to use and engage in social media, but they will do it in their time-frame.

  • May 14 / 2009
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Social Media ROI for Business

The most common question I hear as a consultant when working with clients to integrate their sales, marketing and social media strategies is “What is the ROI ( Return on Investment ) for Social Media and Social Networks.” Many business people and companies struggle with the ROI on tools like Twitter, Blogging, FaceBook, or Video online.  Based upon a book I have been working on called “Social ROI” which addresses the ROI in community engagement I have put together this podcast on 26 ways to measure Social Media ROI. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated (especially if I missed one!). (Direct Download)

What is the ROI or Return on Investment in Social Media for Business?

  • May 02 / 2009
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Social Media Tips

These are a selection of social media tips that I have posted on Twitter over the past couple weeks. I thought I would put them all in one place for easy reference.  Please add your tips and thoughts in the comments section.

20 Social Media Tips:

  1. Focus on a specific theme in your social media for extended periods of time
  2. Your blog is your home base, all social media should feed your home base
  3. Social media is 90 % contribution and connection 10 % marketing and sales
  4. Social media belongs to the people, they get to make the rules not the marketer
  5. Have a social media policy for your company. Help your people be effective and on message
  6. Promote other people’s dreams. It builds community, loyalty and brand for you
  7. “Marketing is a process not an event”- @jaylevinson
  8. Blog, tweet and talk about solutions to people’s pains and challenges
  9. Social media tools like twitter are listening tools more than they are broadcasting tools.
  10. Nano-cast to many small niches instead of broadcasting to everyone.
  11. Learn to break up large blog entries into many smaller entries. It’s more user friendly
  12. Take time each month to update your major social media profiles, use key words that your prospects would search for
  13. Use social search like http://search.twitter.com and http://blogsearch.google.com to listen to your customers
  14. Each social network has it’s own etiquette FaceBook type behavior doesn’t work on  LinkedIn
  15. Answer people’s comments on your blog, or @ replies in Twitter. Social media leadership is about bi-directional communication.
  16. Think twice, click once.
  17. Take it off-line, book in person meetings or hold events for your online social media contacts
  18. Use an assortment of tools, it geometrically multiplies efforts
  19. Always be asking where are we going? What is the next Twitter or FaceBook going to be?
  20. Use a mixture of content on your blogs, top 10 lists, photos, video, audio, guest bloggers, and polls…

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