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  • Sep 17 / 2009
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Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

There’s a lot of talk about being engaged. In particular in social media we talk about engagement as one of the key benchmarks of being a successful brand, marketer, blogger or personality online.  Today’s podcast is on what engagement is about. Here’s a short list of what engagement is:

  1. Complete listening, not just to hear but to make others feel heard.
  2. Present consistently
  3. Connected emotionally
  4. Aligned with values
  5. Contributing to dreams
  6. Seeing trust as an ends not a means
  7. Creating networks and meeting points
  • Jul 26 / 2009
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A Big Thank-You to Everyone Blogathon 2009 is a Wrap

Well I’m done. I haven’t tallied all of the pledges yet but it appears that with the help of my blog readers and twitter friends that over $1200 was raised for the Vancouver Food Bank.  That for me was worth the 24 hours of no sleep.

Here’s a partial list of the great people who made donations to the Food Bank:

  • Trevor Wallace
  • Doug Morneau of Rhino Marketing Inc.
  • Captain Charles Trevor Greene
  • Aileen Javier and Kristian Gibson
  • Lynn Kitchen
  • Barbara Doduk
  • Fred Shadian (Who also did 3 guest blog posts)
  • Chris Breikss
  • Renbor Sales Solutions
  • ThinkTom.com Realty
  • Kye Grace
  • Ronald Lee
  • Yam De La Pena

Also here’s the updated list of everyone in Vancouver that blogged for the past 24 hours for the charity of their choice.

Blogger and Supported Charity:

  1. Raul Pacheco The BC Cancer Foundation
  2. Rebecca Bollwitt – Miss604 the Union Gospel Mission
  3. Duane Storey The Union Gospel Mission
  4. Tiny Bites (team effort) The Vancouver Food Bank
  5. 604 Foodtography The Vancouver Food Bank
  6. Shane Gibson (That’s me and I’m Blogging for The Vancouver Food Bank as well!)
  7. Barbara Doduk The Richmond Animal Protection Society
  8. Mehnaz Thawer the Tumaini Children’s Project
  9. Fraser Valley Pulse the Langley Animal Protection Society
  10. WorldwideWaterCooler The BC SPCA
  11. Developmental Disability Association for their own cause (I believe)
  12. Justin Yang BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
  13. Liberation BC for Liberation BC
  14. Bluefur Team Diabetes
  15. Shane’s World Theatre Terrific
  16. Think Referrals Burn’s Bog Conservation Society
  17. Brady V BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
  18. Langley Politics The United Way
  19. Beth Snow Options For Sexual Health
  20. Karen Fung Vancouver Public Space Network
  21. April Smith Community Education Resource Society
  22. Ganga Narayanan Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
  23. Matthew Naylor Canadian Mental Health Association
  24. Aidan BC Children’s Hospital
  25. Iris Dias MS Society of Canada
  26. Mitch Baldwin – The Salvation Army, Camp Sunrise
  27. Catherine Winters – Canadian Cancer Society
  28. Neil Parker – Weekend to End Breast Cancer
  29. Jael – Big Sisters

I’m leaving the donations page open until the 28th so if you would still like to contribute:

To Donate the the Vancouver Food Bank Click here or the image below. Every bit helps!

Blogathon 2009 for Vancouver Food Bank

Blogathon 2009 for Vancouver Food Bank

  • Jun 10 / 2009
  • Comments Off on Doing it alone Sucks. Day 23 of the 28 Days to Better Selling

Doing it alone Sucks. Day 23 of the 28 Days to Better Selling

Here we are 23 Days in. We are almost there. I’ve done programs with bloggers and marketers very similar to this. The difference is they collaborate, maybe it’s geek DNA that make us want to share.

Reading through the list of participants and checking out through Twitter, Linkedin and FaceBook who is following along, I can calculate 300 people who are following this program. 240 of you are keeping your thoughts to yourself.  I’m also assuming you’re keeping your sales challenges to yourself too.

I personally am referred to by other people as a Sales Guru, Social Media expert etc. I find those labels embarrassing, and sometimes I find it equally challenging to admit that in some circumstance in business that I’m like a duck out of water. Clueless basically.

Why I share this? I still succeed in spite of my limitations, but only because I network with great people and am willing to admit that I need mentoring, support and business.  Mentorship and great guidance is the key here.

There’s several hundred people who are into improving sales and marketing efforts, and our combined wisdom is astonishing but we also need to not be proud and ask for help. Today’s exercise is simple, reach out to me and other connections and tell us you need help. I’m waiting to hear what you need help with.


  • Dec 15 / 2008
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Dealing with the Dark side of business criticism and failure

Shane Gibson on Critics and FansIf you’re out there taking risks as a sales professional, or you’re promoting a vision for your community, there’s a good chance you’re being criticized.  In fact the more you do often the more visible you are, and this equates to more opportunities to create opposition.

You may be a business leader that’s transforming an industry, a teacher who does things differently in the classroom, or a blogger that pours your heart out for the world to see.

Today’s podcast is about you, and how you can tackle this challenge.

– Namaste 🙂

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  • Nov 19 / 2008
  • Comments Off on Selling and Succeeding in Turbulent Economic Times Video Interview
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Selling and Succeeding in Turbulent Economic Times Video Interview

I was interviewed by Tom Everitt of ThinkTom.com on my upcoming seminar at the Vancouver Board of Trade next Tuesday November 25th.  Take a look at the video ( details of the event are below the video )

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Managers’ Toolbox


Shane Gibson, President (North America), Knowledge Brokers International Systems Ltd.



Shane GibsonMany sales professionals and entrepreneurs are concerned about how they are going to weather today’s global financial storm. The rules of the game have changed with the meltdown in the banking sector, along with globalization and the introduction of disruptive technologies to almost every industry.

Succeeding in turbulent economic times is about proactively taking control of our own personal economy. Shane Gibson, president of Knowledge Brokers International, will share with you strategies to succeed in any economic condition. Fortunes have been made during times of change and economic downturn; sales people and entrepreneurs must develop a tool kit to help us adapt to and succeed in this ever-changing environment.

It’s not what happens that defines an event; it’s how we respond to it that matters. This fast-paced session will give attendees the tools, insight and strategies needed to respond to today’s marketplace conditions. You will also learn:

  • How to develop and fine-tune your sales process for any environment;
  • Why the best time to gain market share is in turbulent times;
  • The power of community and connecting;
  • How to use technology to reduce your marketing and sales costs;
  • How and why to swim against economic tides and trends;
  • Tips and steps to maintaining sanity and focus in tough times.

About the speaker
Shane Gibson is a Vancouver-based international speaker, author of Closing Bigger: The Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals, and a global entrepreneur who has addressed several thousand people over the past thirteen years. As a trainer, coach and motivational speaker he combines a diverse background in sales force leadership, new entrepreneur development and extensive sales and leadership coaching.

Who should attend
Business owners, executives in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, sales staff, entrepreneurs and anyone responsible for or part of a team that needs to generate revenues.

Presented by The Board’s Small Business Council

The Vancouver Board of Trade’s 2008 Managers’ Toolbox Series qualifies for The Company of Young Professionals Engaged Leadership Certificate Credits. One session = 2 credits.
Please refer to http://www.tcyp.ca for further details.




Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Registration: 7:30 a.m.
Program: 7:45 – 9:45 a.m.


The Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites, Stanley Park – Comox Ballroom
1763 Comox Street


Certified Management Accountants
Presented in co-operation with:
Small Business BC
Small Business BC




$64.00 + GST

Register Online

Table of 6

$462.00 + GST

Register Online

Members save at least 30% !

Future Members


$96.00 + GST

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$750.00 + GST

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